PTPTN Loans Defaulters To Be Declared Bankrupt

In my last article,

I wrote about Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional (PTPTN) loan defaulters and how the government is proposing to have compulsory salary deduction to repay loan by borrowers. When the proposal is approved, those that borrowed money from PTPTN would have no choice but to repay their loans.

Currently, there are as many as 12 ways and means owers of the PTPTN loan can repay their education loans taken. Students who are involved in the repayment of the loan can:

i) Make voluntary repayments themselves by salary deductions.

ii) Send remittances to the PTPTN themselves.

iii) Have deductions made from their salaries or through internet banking.

As the saying goes, “If there is a will, there will always be a way”.

Sadly though, the problem seems to be allowing students to repay the loan does not seem to be working out too well. In view of this sad situation, PTPTN plans to initiate compulsory deductions from salaries.

If everything else fails, PTPTN will have no alternative but to declare errant borrowers bankrupt and their properties seized. According to my elder brother who is rather well versed in matter pertaining to all things legal, a bankrupt person cannot:

i) Be allowed to own a passport or visa and so cannot travel overseas.

ii) Take a car loan, neither a housing loan too.

iii) His or her bank account can also be blacklisted.

I fell if a bankrupt can be prevented from getting married, so much the better. Anything that can assist the PTPTN in its attempt to settle its problem regarding the defaulter loans, the better.

As a matter of fact, my daughter took a RM68,000 loan from the PTPTN quite a few years ago. She is working and currently repaying RM450 – RM500 each month.

If this article seems to be only pointing out students non payment of educational loans solely, then PTPTN is being unfair and seems to be likened to well know Bahasa Malaysia proverb “Semut di tebing seberang Nampak, tetapi gajah di tebing sendiri tidak”. Translated into the English language, the proverb means to say, “A person can identify others’ faults and mistakes, but doesn’t seem to realize his own faults”.

For a long time now, I have intended to write about some wrongs or discrepancies existing in the current repayment system of loans practices by PTPTN. The Chairman of PTPTN, Datuk Ismail Mohd Said should be aware of it. Being an MP for our august parliament, he would undauntedly know.

Why is it PTPTN imposes a service fee for monthly repayments made every month. Can the good minister explain the above?

I am currently indisposed or rather busy. But rest assured, I will one day soon be making a visit to the PTPTN office and if possible to meet the Honorable Chairman of the PTPTN to seek an answer. So Datuk, do be prepared to face an angry father and tax payer soon at your office.

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  1. ross~ October 5, 2010 at 8:23 am - Reply

    cikgu, saya ada L untuk B2 yang akan expired november 2011..saya tak sempat ambil jpj di tempat lama atas sebab tertentu..sekarang saya sudah pulang ke kampung saya..

    masalahnya saya cuma ada L saya saja, tak ada dokument lain..
    soalannya, sekarang ni saya nak ambil lesen D..jadi apa yang harus saya lakukan?

    L motor saya tu kena renew dulu ke kalau nak amik lesen kereta sebab dah mati?..ataupun saya kena completekan dulu lesen motor saya sebelum boleh ambil lesen kereta?

    • Cikgu Yap October 5, 2010 at 10:02 pm - Reply

      Ada L B2 kecualikan anda daripada ujian undang-undang. Dokumen lain tidak perlu. Dapatkan bantuan sekolah memandu bagi aturkan anda hadir teori 6 jam untuk Kelad D (kereta). Kemudian keluarkan lesen L untuk kereta. Di ikuti dengan kelas praktikal belajar kereta pula. Tidak perlu renew lesen motor dulu.

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