Strange and Bizarre Things Happening In Malaysia

In life, they say “strange” and “bizarre” things can happen. Like the 48 year old punter who lives somewhere in Malaysia was recently reported to have struck the biggest jackpot in the history of gambling in this country. He won, believe it or not, RM48 million on Sports Toto’s 6/58 Power game, which costs only RM2 per bet.

On top of that, the above lucky person bought the ticket at random. This story may sound a bit fishy and hard to believe, but it’s true.

For readers’ information, I read recently in the internet about progressive jackpot offered by our leading and only gambling casino situated on top of a 5,650 foot hill, may attract thousands and thousands of gamblers. But do you know what the odds are of your ever winning one of the above jackpots?

I do not intend to throw cold water on your dreams and aspirations, the odds it is said is 49 million to 1. Anyway, my former teachers used to tell me, “dreams can sometimes come true”. And my teacher also said, “anything can happen in life”. So keep on dreaming, my friend.

Today’s article has been encouraged by an interesting and bizarre article I’ve read in the paper, “Snake on trailer causes fatal accident”. As such, it is felt that the interesting tale should be shared with you. Like I said, unusual tales and things can happen in our lifetime.

Should you have read one of my earlier articles in this blog, you would surely have read my article entitled “My father’s spirit came back to talk to us”. It was a strange incident but nonetheless a true one.

According to the newspaper report, a 66 year old man was killed in a bizarre accident along the North-South Expressway exit. A python had, believe it or not, had landed on the windscreen of a trailer.

The story unfolding reiterated, the drive of the trailer had braked in shock and swerved into the road divider along the expressway before crashing into the guardrail during the 4:15 am incident.

A car which was then traveling behind the trailer subsequently collided into the trailer, killing one of the passengers. The victim, known only as Subramaniam, was killed instantly. Others in the car escaped with light injuries. They were then sent to the Tuanku Jaafar Hospital nearby.

The question we would wish to ask is, “where did the python come from?” And what on earth was it doing at the expressway and at 4:15 am?

These are the questions we should ponder upon the next time we drive on the road. Bizarre things do happen in Malaysia. You can strike a lottery out of 1 in 49 million chance and you can also be killed on the expressway caused by a python falling from the sky.

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