If you have a business in Malaysia selling products or providing services, by-law, you have to pay a 6% Goods Service Tax (GST).

In order to pay your GST, first, you have to register your company to get your GST number using the GST-01 form.

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What if your company wants to file a Goods and Service tax return?

To do that, you would have to submit the GST-03 form to the Royal Malaysian Customs Department or the Jabatan Kastam Di Raja Malaysia.

The GST-03 form is known as Goods And Service Tax Return.

In Bahasa Malaysia, it is known as Borang Penyata Cukai Barang Dan Perkhidmatan.

The following information are required in the form:

  • Details of registered person
  • Details of return
  • Additional information
  • Declaration

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To download the GST-03 form in PDF format, please click on the link below.

Click here to download GST-03 form

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