When you are planning to get married, the Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara or the National Registration Department of Malaysia requires you to fill and submit the KC02 form.

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The JPN KC02 form is known as the Borang Permohonan, Pemberitahuan Perkahwinan Dan Akuan / Bertulis.

The JPN KC02 form is used for non-muslim.

There are 4 types of registration you can select in the form.

They are:

1) Pemberitahuan perkahwinan dan akuan bertulis

2) Permohonan pengupacarakan perkahwinan mengikut istiadat ugama, adat atau kelaziman

3) Permohonan bagi suatu lesen perkahwinan tanpa memerlukan pemberitahuan perkahwinan dan perakuan untuk perkahwinan

4) Pemberitahuan perkahwinan dan akuan bertulis bagi pengupacaraan di luar negeri

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To download the KC02 form, please click on the link below.

Click here to download JPN KC02 form

Note: The form in the link above is for reference only.

For processing purposes, please use the original forms obtained from JPN officers.

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