When your wife gave birth to a new born baby, the Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara (JPN) or the National Registration Department of Malaysia requires you to register your child within 14 days of birth.

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The application can be done by either the parent, legal guardian or a person having knowledge of the birth.

To register your baby, you are require to submit the following documents:

1) JPN LM01 form (Borang Daftar Kelahiran / Kelahiran Mati)

2) Confirmation of birth form from the hospital or certification of home birth from the midwife/doctor (original)

3) Prenatal card

4) Original marriage or divorce certificate

5) Original informant’s document

6) Identity card

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To download the JPN LM01 form, please click the link below.

Click here to download JPN LM01 form

Note: The form in the link above is for reference only.

For processing purposes, please use the original forms obtained from JPN officers.

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