Another question frequently asked of this blog is “Can a summons, irregardless whether a compound or Appear In Court cases be lowered?”

If you should feel unhappy over the amount of fine you have to pay, most certainly you could make an appeal for it to be lowered.

Most compounds carry a RM200 or RM300 fine. You have already been advised that you can appeal. But the problem is, to whom or to which authority do you submit your appeal. That’s the question.

Summons are issued namely by the Police, the J.P.J. or the Majlis Perbandaran or Town Council people.

To request for an appeal to lower a summons issued by the Police, logically you would then have to visit the Balai Polis or Police Station. The person in charge of it is the Chief Inspector or the A.S.P. (Assistant Superintendent of Police).

Make an appointment with him. Explain to him your predicament. It’s most certain, the man at the top has a heart. So, good luck to you in your endeavor to get your summons lowered.

What if you should get a summon issued by the J.P.J. itself? What type of summons is it? Can it be compounded? For your information, certain offenses such as non-possession of license, no road tax and other related offences “cannot” be compounded. You have to appear in “court” to face the magistrate or hakim.

In such cases therefore, you then have no alternative. So, what then does one do?

In situation where the fine can be compounded, like the ones in the police cases, you can very well request for it to be lowered.

To do the above, you have to go to the J.P.J. office or the Road Transport Department to make your request. The Pengarah or the Head of Department normally is the person holding the power to reduce the fine.

Therefore, go where the Pengarah or Director is. If the Pengarah is in Kg. Jawa, Klang, that’s where you should head for.

Cases where fines have been lowered are many. The J.P.J.’s Pengarah is most certainly a man who is understanding and compassionate.

Even in the case of summons issued by the Majlis Perbandaran or Town Councils, you can still make a request to reduce the fine.

Believe me, these departments dislike hauling you to court. It is indeed a very troublesome affair.

One good thing though about this department. To request a reduction for your fine, you do not have to meet the top officials of the department. A higher ranking officer will suffice. The legal adviser would be the best person to see.

So to those who’d like to have your summons lowered, you have to work for it. My best advice to you would be “Don’t get summoned!” Drive carefully. And follow the rules!