7 Tips On The Correct Way To Park Your Vehicle

Most parking lots in town areas are either for side parking or parallel parking. As a driver, are you aware that you can be summoned if you do not park correctly?

You may possess years of experience, but what this article is about to reveal will surely surprise you. In future, it is hoped you’ll ensure your car is parked properly in the parking lot allocated for you.

1) Parking in areas meant for motorcycles.

For motorcycles to park in a parking area meant for cars is an offense. Similarly, cars which are parked in lanes meant for motorcycles is also an offense.

Usually, it is the local authorities or councils which take action against drivers who commit this form of offences. Normally, the above authorities dislike taking action against drivers committing such acts. But the point it is, they can take action if they wish to.

2) Parking vehicle outside the designated parking area.

Many drivers are unaware that they have to ensure that they vehicles are parked within the perimeters of the parking lots. Parking haphazardly with the car body jutting out of the parking area is an offense.

Such parking can cause inconvenience to other road users. It can also cause accidents. Luckily, as said earlier, most local authorities and councils do not fancy taking action against motorists who park in such manner.

3) Parking in areas meant for taxis.

In some towns or cities, all throughout the country, you might be unaware but there are special areas reserved for taxis only. There is usually a sign board informing drivers of such requirements.

But the problem is, many drivers fail to observe these signboards. They park wherever they like. If you are unlucky, you may one day find yourself bring summoned for such an offence. Don’t be surprised!

Therefore, in future, be more observant and ensure you are parking your vehicle in proper areas meant for cars only.

4) Parking against the flow of traffic.

Many drivers are not aware of this offense. Should you as a driver park you vehicle against the traffic flow, you have committed an offense and you can be booked for a traffic violation.

So the next time you park your vehicle in a parking lot, it is not enough that your park your vehicle squarely in the confine of the parking lot allotted, but ensure also that your car is not against the flow of traffic.

5) Some places practice what is known as “alternative” side parking in towns.

My friends and I was once visiting Pulau Pinang many years ago. We found, to our surprise, lots of parking areas on the left side of the road. Being from out of town, to be exact Selangor, little did we realize, that the state of Pulau Pinang practiced “alternate parking”.

On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, parkings are permitted on the left side only. Whereas, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, the council allows parking on the right side only. This led me and my friends being summoned for being ignorant of the law.

Although ignorance of the law is no excuse, there was no way the 3 of us were about to be handed summons. A visit to the local police station saw us confronting the Chief Inspector to argue our case.

Luckily, the top police chief was rather understanding regarding our predicament. He chose to cancel the summons and waived it.

So remember this advise, do not simply park anywhere where you like. Remember the northern states like Pulau Pinang, Perlis and Kedah might be practicing what’s known as alternative side parking for all you know.

6) Parking in areas specifically meant for coaches or buses.

You might not be aware, but coaches and large vehicles like buses and lorries have large areas designated for them to park in certain areas around town. If a vehicle should inevidently be parked in such an area, you will be summoned.

So, if you are in areas that you are foreign with, be extra careful. Look around for signboards. If you are suspicious why a parking area is too large for vehicles, you should know you are in a wrong parking area meant for buses and lorries. Stay away if you do not wish to have summons slapped on you.

7) Parking motorcycles in places meant for cars only.

Motorcycle riders can also be summoned for parking offenses. Do not park you motorcycles in places reserved for cars. You can be summoned. Don’t be surprised. You are advised to look for your own parking areas.

Do not encroach into vehicle parking areas, unless you wish to be summoned!

I am certain no driving instructor today takes the trouble to impart the above knowledge to his students these days. Furthermore, most students are not interested to know such facts anyway.

What I have exposed to you in this article is obtained and taught to me by my own driving instructor years ago, from my friends and my colleagues and most importantly from my own experiences which spans over 40 years in the driving industry.

No reference books could ever provide you what I am providing you today. So, make full use of this knowledge which is exposed to you.

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  1. AnnW March 12, 2012 at 10:24 pm - Reply

    Hey Cikgu Yap,

    I got into a minor car accident this morning and I need to seek for your advise on my current situation.

    Here is the drawn situation of the accident this morning. http://img822.imageshack.us/img822/6078/33309614.jpg

    The green box is where I was, driving in the outer lane, heading to position A; meanwhile, there was this red car driving in the inner lane positioned slightly behind me and was trying to turn into position B. While I was turning, suddenly I heard a “boom”. The car knocked onto my side bumper and the driver honked me. (Am I at fault? or was he/she?) It was quite minor as my bumper was slightly scratch (a small part of the paint was peeling off) with the some red paint scratches on it.

    The complication now is that I did not stop right at the very moment to ask for anything as I was in a hurry, but neither did the red car driver. Well, I think the driver did stop/ or at least slow down, but I did not. And I did not get his/her car’s number plate.

    So, what should I do at this moment? I have no evidence that the driver knocked onto my car, neither did I have his/her car’s number plate. And most of all, I do not know whether he/she managed to jot down my car’s number plate or has lodged a police report or not.

    Can you give me some advise in this? Should I just ignore it because I have repaired my car with my own money a few hours later. So now there’s basically no evidence of any sort of accidents has occurred.


    • Cikgu Yap March 16, 2012 at 9:32 am - Reply

      You do not seem to have any particulars at all regarding the accident. If indeed the other party has lodged a police report, the only thing you can do is to wait for the police to contact you.

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