10 Common Mistakes Made By Motorcycle Riders

If one were to list down all the mistakes usually made by motorcycle rides, I believe it would take an extremely long time to finish them all. What is suggested is to pick a few of the mistakes normally made by most riders and highlight them.

1) Involved in illegal racing or “merempit”. Merempit or to be involved in it is an offense. In reality, you have gone against Section 81 of the Akta Pengangkutan Jalan ’87. The fine is RM2000 or a 6 months prison sentence. Or you might even get both. Your license may even be suspended.

2) No helmet or helmet not tied properly. Not wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle is “wrong”. Wearing a helmet but not tying a helmet properly is also an offense. You could easily be fined to the tune of RM150 for it.

3) Driving without a license. Sometimes, some drivers forget to bring their license with them while they are driving. As a matter of fact, having no license at the time the authorities stop you is deemed an offense. You could be summoned under Section 26 (1). The summon is RM150.

4) L.D.L. (Learner’s Driver’s License) ferrying passengers. “L” drivers are prohibited from bringing passengers. If you should be caught for the above offense, you could easily be fined a tune of RM200.

5) Carrying or ferrying more than the permitted number of persons. A motorcycle is meant for 2 persons. Normally we observe parents bringing 2 – 3 children with them on their motorcycle. This is indeed an offense.

But anyway, the Police in this country are a kind and friendly lot. From my observation, not many police personnel relish summoning the wrong doers.

6) Not using the “P” or the “L” plate. If you are in possession of an “L” or “P” plate, failure to affix the “P” and “L” plates on your motorcycle would be considered an offense. For your information, this offense carries a fine of RM150.

7) Front and rear lights are not “on”. In Malaysia, motorcyclists must have their front as well as rear lights on no matter day or night. That’s the law.

If you happens to be arrested by the authorities for the above offense, you will definitely be fined for it. So do remember, put on both the front and rear lights.

The better idea would be to align the lights with the ignition switch to enable it to be automatically switched on when the motor is started.

8) The right hand side handle mirror is considered a compulsory item for a motorcycle. While the left hand handle mirror is optional, the right hand side mirror is something “compulsory”. Not having the right hand side handle bar mirror will therefore become a offense.

9) Using of the hand-phone while riding a motorcycle. Believe it or not, some do use the hand phone while they are riding a motorcycle. It’s dangerous. In case you don’t know, it is actually an offense, just like cars. It’s dangerous, let me repeat!

If this is your habit, mark my words one fine day, you’ll be landed up knocking into someone else’s back! It’s a matter of time. So, stop by the side of the road if you need to talk.

10) Not remembering to bring along your license along while riding your motorcycle. Not remembering your license is something very normal. Human beings are a little bit “absent minded”. It’s something that is not unusual.

Whatever it is, your action contravenes Section 26 (1) of the A.P.J (Akta Pengangkutan Jalan ’87). The following section actually reiterates you have “no license” or “do not possess a license to ride”. You actually posses a license. But at the time the Police or J.P.J. stopped you, literally you do not have a license on you.

This article contains some of the most frequent and common mistakes that are committed by motorcycle riders, not only in Malaysia but other countries as well.

As you read this blog, remember what you have read. It might very well assist you to avoid being “summoned” by the Police, no matter whether you are in Singapore, Australia or Hong Kong. As it is, the law is approximately the same all over the world.

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  1. Izwan December 28, 2010 at 10:11 pm - Reply

    Hi Cikgu Yap,

    I failed my B Full JPJ test twice, will be taking it again for the 3rd time on the 11/01/2011.. Am quite pissed with myself, was doing very well during ‘latihan’ but then when it comes to test, I became nervous.. Haih..

    Any tips Cikgu Yap? Am embarrassed with myself btw tho my only riding experience was within this two months..

    • Cikgu Yap December 31, 2010 at 11:55 am - Reply

      It’s normal to be nervous. When I took my B Full years ago, I was like you. Even worse, I suppose. Here’s my suggestion:
      i) You’ll have to ride the superbike confidently, no wobbling around. For this, you’ll have to learn properly. it may take many lessons, I’m afraid.
      ii) Hand signals should ideally be accompanied by mechanical signals as well.

      Don’t give up. Try again and again. I believe finally you’ll succeed. All the best!

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