10 Easy Motorcycle Maintenance Tips Anyone Can Do

A Few Simple Ways To Help A Motorcyclist Maintain His Machine In Good Driving Condition

Compared to a car, those who ride motorcycles can be said to be lucky. To maintain a motorcycle is much cheaper compared to a car.

Nevertheless, it does cost some money and time. Even though , a few articles have been written specially on the maintenance of motorcycle, I feel writing yet another article on this subject would be a good idea.

The following is 10 easy tips to help a motorcyclist with his machine maintenance.

1) Service the machine periodically.

To service a motorcycle at the petrol station would cost only a few ringgit. Dust, dirt and rust will all be rid of. Eventually, your motorcycle will be in a spick and span condition.

2) Check your foot brakes and hand brakes.

The above 2 brakes are essential items of the machine. Ensure that they perform well. Adjust the foot brakes and hand brake mechanism from time to time.

3) Checking of the throttle cable.

The throttle can get jammed. Spray some W.D. 40 oil on them. Throttle cable has to be smooth, easily manipulated and easily applied. Periodically, the entire cable has to be dismantled and oiled.

4) The inspection of tyres.

There are 2 things regarding tyres that have to be inspected. Pressure and its threads. Check them over periodically and your safety will then be ensured.

A word of advice though. A good and safe tyre should possess a 50% thread pattern.

5) The chains.

Chains can become elongated or sometimes they can be too tight. Adjust them from time to time. A good mechanic should be able to assist you. Tightening them can be rather easy. Learn how to do it yourself.

6) The lights.

Clean your headlamps and rear lights. Ensure that they are not covered with dust and grime. They should also function well.

Signals are important. Ensure that they perform well. Brake lights should also be checked. The horn is yet another important item. Make sure it is working properly.

7) The handle bar mirrors.

Some say the right handle bar mirror is required by law. While the left handle bar mirror is optional. My advice is you have them on both sides.

Adjust the mirrors properly before you ride off. Try to avoid adjusting the handle bar mirrors while riding. This can be dangerous!

8) Check engine oil and petrol.

Unlike previously, where meters did not exist, present day motorcycles have lubrication oil meter and petrol gauges on them. Check that they are up to the required levels.

A shortage of any one of the above will cause much inconvenience to the rider. Avoid using the machine until the reserve level. Unless you are riding to the petrol station.

A lack of engine oil will cause mechanical problems which will bring you lots of problems.

9) The air filter.

Many motorcyclists are unaware that motorcycles, like cars, have air filters too. This has to be changed periodically. It does not cost much. But it can cause a lot of problems to the rider.

10) The petrol filter.

Like cars, some motorcycles have this important item too. Like air filters, their cost is rather low. Ask your mechanic to change them for you and your vehicle will surely run better and smoother.

These are 10 things that are important to the rider of a motorcycle. Have them inspected when and as convenient to you. This would ensure you a trouble free ride wherever you wish to go.

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