Jom Belajar Memandu – Malaysia First Ebook On Learning How To Drive

Compiling manuscript of ebook

I thought of writing this blog post to update everyone on the current project I’m working on. I’m in the process of compiling and soon to release an ebook on learning how to drive a car in Malaysia.

As you may have known, I helped my father to publish his first book, Driving Made Easy, last year. The book was in English language teaching those who want to get a Malaysian driving license what they needed to know but don’t know who to ask. The book is currently available in major bookstores around the country.

This time around, the new publication will be in a digital format (pdf file) and written in Bahasa Malaysia (BM). I thought of trying this new publishing platform to see if a digital book will sell as good or better than a conventional paperback book distributed via a publisher.

I am also testing to see if a BM book will sell better than an English language book. As of now, I have not fix the price of the ebook but I think I’ll set it at the range of around RM40.

I have already identified an online payment processor in Malaysia and will be using their service soon. Those who want to get a copy of the ebook can make payment using Paypal or through local bank account transfer.

Since the new publication is in a digital format, obviously I will need a web site to promote it. I’ve already registered a new domain at There’s nothing on the new web site yet. The site layout, graphics and ebook cover are currently being designed by a local graphics designer.

The plan is to have the web site go live on November 2012 and then start with the marketing and promotion campaign. In the mean time, I am busy drafting out the sales copy for the web site.

And what’s the title of the new ebook?

It’s called “Jom Belajar Memandu”Rahsia Untuk Mendapat Lesen Memandu Kereta Dalam Masa Yang Tersingkat


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