Studying To Become A Kursus Pendidikan Pemandu Lecturer

Apart from being a driving school instructor, I am also a lecturer for the 5 hour K.P.P or Kursus Pendidikan Pemandu.

What is the K.P.P. in reality?

For the benefit of readers, whose mother tongue is not Bahasa Malaysia, the K.P.P. is infact a 5 hour course a potential, new student aspiring to achieve a driving or riding license has to attend, prior to his sitting for the computerized Highway Code exam.

Besides being a K.P.P. lecturer for many years, I was also co-opted by the institute to which I belonged, to lecture upon the Theory course, which lasts 6 hours, is a compulsory course for students, after they have succeeded in getting through their Highway Code test.

With the completion of this 6 hour lecture, a student is provided with the JPJ L2B certificate. The JPJ L2B enables a student to arrange for his LDL or Learner Driver’s license or L license, to be taken out.

With it, a potential student aspiring to achieve a driving or riding license, can then proceed to take up driving or riding lessons under the auspicies of a qualified driving instructor.

For your information, the 6 hour Theory course is divided into 2 parts. Part I, which lasts 3 hours, is a theory class conducted by one lecturer. And part II, is conducted for another 3 hours, by another lecturer at the institute’s premises.

In part II, a driving instructor is supposed to teach you many aspects of the car such as wheels and changing tyres, about batteries, engine oil, brake oil, radiator and many other aspects pertaining to a vehicle.

As I reiterated earlier, besides being a lecturer for the 5 hour K.P.P course, I was also once co-opted into becoming a lecturer for the 6 hour theory course on car maintenance. Although I have scores of mechanic friends, such as Wah Chye, Ah Keng, to name but a few, and has as a matter of fact, learnt a lot of things regarding car maintenance techniques from them, nevertheless, yet I still felt that I lacked the confidence that I was capable of conducting a theory course for students on all things, especially the maintenance of cars and motorcycles.

My lack of confidence was largely due to my upbringing essentially. You see, my grandmother used to advise me when I was young, that one needs to do his or her outmost best when doing certain things. My school teachers, Mr Lingam, Mr. James Pandian, Mr. Rathichandran and Mr. Sonny Tan, have again and again advised me over the years, that when you do something always, do you what you do, do well!

Such being the case, I felt I had to do lots of research work prior to me going into class for the 6 hour theory course.

But my problem then was, where was I to do my researches on the subject of automobiles?

To overcome the dilemma that I faced, very fortunately, my son was then attending the Workers Institute of Technology(W.I.T) in Pandanmaran New Village, near Perlabuhan Klang.

Getting wind that my son’s institute did infact have a library in it, I asked him to borrow all the reference books available on automobiles for reference.

For weeks, prior to starting the theory course on car maintenance, at my place of lecture, I did my researches. I infact become so good at car maintenance techniques that a student’s father, who was an automobile engineer himself was surprised that I was able to tell him the fact that although a conventional car is supplied with a 12 volt battery, it needs the assistance of a coil, to step up the supply of electricity to the engine in order to start it.

I remembered telling the above student’s father that the coil supplies each high tension cable leading to the 4 plugs with 6,000 volts of electricity to ignite the car engine. All these facts as a matter of fact, amazed the student’s father. He was impressed!

That was my journey studying and researching before becoming a Kursus Pendidikan Pemandu lecturer.

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