Car Tuning In Malaysia – What Are The Work Involved?

Car tuning normally refers to steps taken for improving the performance and appearance of a vehicle. Vehicles are generally manufactured in the factories keeping in mind the average expectations of a driver and vehicle tuning becomes necessary, when the owner wants to alter the features of the vehicle according to his preferences.

Those fond of cars are prepared to spend lots of money to make over his average car into one that stands out as unique amongst large array of vehicles. In other words, car tuning is undertaken mainly to convert a vehicle in such a way as to personalize the features of the vehicle to make it more appealing and more pleasure to drive.

Most cars have excellent scope for tuning. Vehicles like Proton Satria, Toyota Supra, Subaru Impreza and Mitsubishi Lancer are sometimes described as ‘tuner cars’ as they are often purchased with the objective of carrying out costly alterations. For that matter, any car that is in good shape can be tuned to enhance its value considerably.

There are several methods of tuning a car based on one’s personal preferences. Car tuning may consist of altering the body’s shape, suspension, engine, tires, interior get up, audio system and many more. Car tuning may cost anywhere between a few hundred to several thousand ringgit.

Some owners may not be satisfied by tuning one portion of the car. It is, therefore, advisable to consider the car as a whole and take up alterations to it. For instance, if the major aim of tuning is to enhance the efficiency of the engine, it will be useful to consider upgrading the suspension or changing the tires.

The most perceptible type of car tuning is modification of the car’s exterior. A body styling kit will be very useful for this purpose and includes front and rear bumpers, spoilers (aerodynamic devices), side skirts, hoods, air vents and so on. These aerodynamic alterations are meant to decrease wind resistance.

Other changes in the body are aimed at increasing ‘downforce’. Downforce is a downward thrust generated by the aerodynamic features of a car. The purpose of downforce is to permit a car to travel faster through a bend by increasing the vertical force on the tires, thereby creating better grip.

Body styling also concerns incorporating latest trends and tastes. According to a few car tuning experts in Malaysia, big body kits are no longer popular and instead they recommend incorporating slight and delicate changes like lighting, minor alterations to the bumper, fixing bigger brakes or reducing the height of the car.

A body kit should supplement the original car and not disagree with it. For example, it is better not to mix Japanese style models with European style cars in tuning. Interior tuning and also audio tuning are very important to make the interior of the car comfortable and appealing.

Interior changes include taking out the front seats and replacing them with bucket or racing seats or changing the gear shift knob and other interior hardware. Apart from these changes, many car owners would like to fit a high-quality ‘aftermarket audio system’ in the car for better audio performance.

Suspension tuning is among the most common type of car tuning undertaken as the quality and fine-tuning of suspension parts are very essential for the car’s smooth running. The modifications of suspension involve changing or adjusting the springs, shock absorbers, sway bars and other allied components.

The correct setting will enhance steering control and makes driving more comfortable Tires play a major role in the usage of a car and its running. They need to be replaced now and then during the life of the car when the threads of tires are worn out. That is why it is very important to consider them when taking up car tuning.

While selecting new tires, aspects such as road grip, rolling resistance and costs should be considered. Amongst the most essential part of car tuning is engine tuning. Engine tuning includes any alterations to the engine to improve the power of the engine and its running efficiency.

Some of the modifications in engine tuning that one can think of are changing engine parts fitted at the factory with top quality and superior performance aftermarket components or installing new turbochargers and air filters to enhance engine’s air supply.

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    Car tuning may consist of altering the body’s shape, suspension, engine, tires, interior get up, audio system and many more. Car tuning may cost anywhere between a few hundred to several thousand ringgit.

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