Removing Driving School Vehicle From Active Service

I do not know about other countries’ rules and regulations concerning provision of driving tuition. Does Singapore, England or the United States of America adhere to guidelines pertaining to vehicles being used for driving tuition purposes?

Yours sincerely, is certain that they do.

Gloucester Driving School, a very famous driving establishment in England, incidentally, frequently liases with our blog. And from what I observed, the above Gloucester concern in question seems to possesses a fleet of posh and expensive vehicles that are used to provide tuition to its students.

From it, I assume the Transport Authorities in England must certainly be very strict. They ensure that only well maintained, posh and reliable vehicles are allowed to be used there.

It is without a doubt and also little wonder that English standard s of licenses are renowned to be amongst the world’s highest standards. England must therefore be feeling very proud about this achievement.

Do you know that in Malaysia, the Road Transport Department (RTD) of the Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan (JPJ) commissions the use of Perodua Kancils, Vivas and quite recently Axias for use by the driving school industry?

Our English counterparts seems to use expensive models like Mazda and Ford vehicles for their driving purposes. Hope readers see the difference.

Lest me stray too far away from today’s article in question, permit me to remind readers that the questions or taking steps to insert a vehicle into the driving school industry, in reality either the institutes or driving school these days faces a lot of problems. Permit me to elaborate.

Assuming that a certain model of vehicle, say a Perodua Kancil, passes all the authorities requirements for use. How many people are aware that after that, the vehicle then has to be pasted up with:

a) The establishement’s or driving institutes’ logo, emblem, address etc

b) It is also to be pasted up with the necessary “Ls” or warning logos like “Students On Test”, and “Beware, Learner Drivers” ahead signs as well.

c) Vehicles are then sent to specialists who have the expertise to install our driving school or institutes vehicles with brakes on the left hand side of the vehicle.

Eventually, the instructor now have access to a 2nd set of footbrakes on his side. It therefore makes is much safer for both the student receiving tuition and the instructor dishing out the instruction.

Installing this second set of brakes takes time and of course money. It is estimated that some RM300 – RM500 is required for this purpose. Well, you might not believe it, but what I am telling you is the truth.

Anyway, to cut the long story short, the Malaysian driving schools or institutes are reputed to be the only ones in the world to possess 2 set of footbrakes in all its vehicles.

My former driving instructor, Mr. Tiew Hock Lai, whom I met very recently at 2015 Wesak Day celebrations at the Buddhist Temple in Langat Road, once upon a time told me England, he says, has cars used for driving purposes which has infact 2 steering wheels. One for the students use, and the other for the instructors.

How far is this true? I am not able to verify as I have yet to visit England.

However, if what my former instructor revealed is proven to be true, Malaysia therefore remains a special case. Don’t you tend to agree?

On the 17th May 2015, the management of the institutes at which I am currently attached, gave me directives to taking steps to have my 17 years old vehicle withdrawn from normal service.

It was only after this that I realised what a trouble it was. Extracting or taking out a driving school car from service is no easy matter. The authority gave me 2 weeks to facilitate the above transfer process. I was also fore-warned that strict actions upon non adherence to the authorities instructions or directives would follow.

In my subsequent article following, I will endeavor telling readers that procedures that had to be taken. My unrest hope is that m detailed revelations will assist all other instructors to benefit from it.

At least, like me, they would be enlightened as to what they will have to do in the future in the eventuality they face a similar predicament such as mine.

Look out for my continuing article on steps and procedures that has to be followed, as I resort to take out my 17 years old vehicle from active service.

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