I’ve been doing a lot of online shopping on Lazada Malaysia. Recently, I found a very good engine oil deal.

It is the Lexus 4L fully synthetic 5W-40 engine oil offer.

Why is this such a great deal?

Let me explain…

If you were to search around in the market for a branded 4L fully synthetic engine oil, most probably you will find that they cost upwards of RM90 – RM100.

But the Lexus engine oil at Lazada Malaysia cost below RM75!

In fact, at the time I am writing this post, the selling price is only RM74.50.

Lexus 4L engine oil

A 4L fully synthetic engine oil for that price is the best deal I’ve seen on Lazada.

Engine Oil Under License from Toyota Motor Corporation, Japan

Why is the engine oil so cheap?

If you were to look at the details, the Lexus engine oil is made by SNLOC in the United Arab Emirate (UEA) under license from Toyota Motor Corporation of Japan.

This means you’ll get excellent Japanese engine oil technology at a reasonable price.

Furthermore, the Lexus engine oil at Lazada is offered by a local supplier.

Which means, whenever you place your order, you will receive your engine oil within 2 working days.

Ready to place your order?

Click on the link below to buy the Lexus engine oil from Lazada before they run out of stock.

Click here to buy Lexus engine oil from Lazada Malaysia

The Importance Of Car Engine Oil

As a car owner it is expected that you have a fair knowledge about the various types of engine oils.

The only thing you must remember is to use right kind of oil and never allow oil level to dip, otherwise the emission will increase, burn more fuel and even invalidate the warranty given by the car manufacturer.

In some cases if proper care is not taken, it might damage the engine which will involve huge expenses in repairs.

Let us understand why our vehicles need engine oil, the main purpose of using engine oil is lubrication to the moving parts and also reduce the friction.

The engine has many moving parts, if not properly lubricated can prove fatal.

The other function is to prevent the corrosion and maintain the temperature of the engine so that it does not overheat.

The use of quality engine oil is highly recommended as it keeps your car in peak performance and also increases the life this will be a unique selling point if you want to sell your car.

How can you check the oil in your car?

There is a dipstick under the bonnet of every car, it has yellow or red loop when you pull it out.

For checking the quality and level of the oil, wipe the dip stick with some old cloth and reinsert it, this will give you correct level of the oil.

This has to be done when car is parked at a flat surface and engine is cool. The dipstick has minimum and maximum marks which show you the level of oil which you need to maintain all the time.

Both low level and high level will damage the car, if you find the level too low, you need to top your oil up.

If you are not sure how to do it, you can refer to owners guide. There are many varieties of engine oil available in the market, it should not bother you as the owners guide will give you details about the type of oil you should choose for your car.

If you do not have the manual or owners guide, you can always get help from an expert mechanic who will guide you in the selection of the oil.

There are different grades of engine oils available, what are these grades?

The two numbers with W in the middle, the first number is the viscosity of the oil which means thickness at low temperature, the second is the viscosity at the higher temperature.

These usually are fit to be used unless you drive regularly in the freezing conditions.

Higher the number means the thicker the oil, it has to be thinner in the cold, as the oil should be able to flow effectively in all the temperatures.

The suffix of word W means that it is fit to be used in cold climate. The single grade oil is also available, but use of multi grade oil is highly recommended as most engines go through extreme range of temperatures.

It does not take more than five minutes to check the engine oil level and top it. A regular and proper check will save you from future expenses.

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