The Malaysian Class “I” Driving License

The Question Of License Class “I” For Mobile Crane Drivers
According to a close friend, who works as a crane operator for a construction company, some cranes are incorporated into the lorry assembly itself.

To drive these latest Japanese crane-cum lorry assembly, obviously you’ll need an:

i) “E” full license.

ii) “H” license (heavy tractor with chains weighing excess 5000 […]

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10 Key Questions About Class “F” License In Malaysia

1) What is the Class “F” license?
“F” license is to drive “forklift”.

2) Do driving institutes in Malaysia cater for such as license?
Unfortunately, as far as I know, No.

3) Then, how am I to secure this license?
You have to take the “H” (tractor) license.

4) Can “H” license drive a forklift?
Certainly, you can.

5) What’s the cost of […]

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How To Obtain a “H” License

“H” Category – Heavy Tractor 5000 kg And Above
Possessing a motor cycle license (B2) or a Class D license (Cars) is a qualification for you to secure the “H” license. The above two licenses exempts one from taking the “Highway Code”.

Unlike attempting to obtain the Lorry License (Class E), where you have to attend the […]

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