How To Obtain Class H Driving License in Malaysia

“H” Category – Heavy Tractor 5000 kg And Above

Possessing a motor cycle license (B2) or a Class D license (Cars) is a qualification for you to secure the “H” license.

The above two licenses exempts one from taking the “Highway Code”.

Unlike attempting to obtain the Lorry License (Class E), where you have to attend the 6 Hours Theory course to first obtain the JPJ L2B certificate, in this case you need not attend any such classes at all.

The reason given is quite simple.

Tractors, being huge as they are, are beyond your ability to do anything in case of mechanical failure.

Attempts to perform tyre changes in cases of punctures are simply impossible for you to do.

But you have to take out an “L” License (P.D.L.) to enable you to learn on a tractor.

Learning how to control a tractor basically takes place in the vicinity of the driving institute itself.

Nevertheless, during the test itself, the P.D.L. is a required item of test.

Some may ask, what does one learn when one takes up a “H” course?

How many lessons does one have to undergo before one is considered competent enough to control the vehicle.

Actually, it all depends upon the individual himself.

If you are able to comprehend what is taught to you fast, then the necessity to do many lessons is thus eliminated.

Anyway, below are item you will be taught at the institute when you do the course:

i) Gear control: Like cars, the tractor has 3 gears (if I remember well) to be dealt with.

We have to keep in mind that a tractor, on the highway can speed up to over 50 km/h.

ii) There are also gear shifts to control the buckets for shoveling, dumping, pushing and digging purposes.

The test itself requires one to:

a) do the side parking;

b) parallel parking;

c) bucket control, shoveling etc.

A candidate has also to drive the tractor a short distance around the institute.

The use of hand signals is therefore a necessary requirement also.

On passing the “H” test, one can add this class of driving license to existing driving license, which one already possesses.

Payment per year remains at RM30 per annum.

The “H” license also enables a person to drive a Forklift, which belongs to the Class F Category.

Light tractor (forklifts) are less than 5000 kg in weight, compared to the H tractor which is over 8 – 10 feet and weights more than 7500 kg.

Normally, students are advised to do the H License course.

In doing so, you are in fact getting 2 licenses at one go (H and F licenses).

Now that you already know what the H Category of license entails, you might be interested to apply for one.

Which ever your decision maybe, all the best to you in your quest.

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  1. Jon April 6, 2012 at 10:07 am - Reply

    For off road dump trucks which just works in a construction site what license will the operator require if the main contractor requires it. These are huge trucks with big tyres for mining. Will it be class H or E?

    • Cikgu Yap April 6, 2012 at 9:17 pm - Reply

      No matter where it is used, all vehicles should have proper road tax and insurance coverage. Lorries are E. Tractors and excavators are H.

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