Category “E” – The Trailer Driving License

Although more than 30 over years in the driving school industry, there is one thing which I have never managed to achieve, which it o get a Class E (Trailer) license. The reason for this is that, the institute where I’m attached to, being on average size one, does not cater for such big licenses.

As such, this article will predominantly focus on requirements and qualifications needed from one to secure the E (trailer) license. What are the requirements are we referring about? Namely, they are:
i) possess the E lorry license.

ii) for this license, attending the 6 Hours Theory course is necessary.

iii) after obtaining the JPJ L2B, the one takes out a new “L” (Probationary Drivers’ License) license.

If you possess any difficulty at all, do seek your instructor or institute nearby for help. They will most probably be of assistance to you. Especially pertaining to items (i) to (iii).

Larger institutes as mentioned earlier (those over 7 acres or more) should cater for your desire to obtain the Lorry (trailer) E class license.

Test requirements (like parking and slop etc) is best left to the instructors of institutes to deal with. Road tests and other requirements are also best left to institutes to manage.

When you have passed the practical test for this license, you have to obviously add this class of license to your existing license. The next step will be to ensure your G.D.L. (Goods Drivers’ License) commensurates with your new license – that is the License E (Trailer) category before you begin to drive.

Seek your instructor or institute nearby for assistance where necessary.