1) What is the Class “F” license?
“F” license is to drive “forklift”.

2) Do driving institutes in Malaysia cater for such as license?
Unfortunately, as far as I know, No.

3) Then, how am I to secure this license?
You have to take the “H” (tractor) license.

4) Can “H” license drive a forklift?
Certainly, you can.

5) What’s the cost of taking a “H” license? Is it costly?
The difference between a “F” license and a “H” license is minimal.

6) What are the things one will be taught then?
Basically, you are taught how to handle the tractor, parking and controlling the tractor’s shoveling, digging and pushing gravel maneuvers.

7) What requirements are needed for one to take up such a course?
First, you have to pass the Highway Code. If you already possesses a B2, D or E license, then you’ll be exempted from taking the Highway Code test.

8) Has one to attend the 6 Hour Theory course?
The answer is No! Take out a new “L” immediately.

9) When one has passed the class “F” license, can it be joined with my present license?
Yes. Payment remains the same. RM30 per year.

10) When taking out a new “L”, what are the things one needs?
You’ll need:

a) MyKad photostat.

b) 2 pieces coloured photos.

c) Your photostat license.

Above are some questions and answers which should provide you the information that you’ll need in order to secure the “F” (forklift) license.