Following The Malaysian Traffic Rules Or Be Fined

Some Things Motorists Just Shouldn’t Do

Many drivers and motorcyclists get their license to drive years ago. Most know their traffic rules and regulations, but how many follow them now.

Just yesterday, two outriders traffic policemen, on their way for duty somewhere, nearly summoned me.

What was my mistake?

Well, it was a busy road. No turning right, correct?

But the shop, my destination, was just across the road. So, straddling the white line, waiting for a “break” in traffic, before turning right.

You always do that, don’t you?

And many others do it too.

But, horror of horrors, two traffic policemen on their huge super bikes, overtook me, pointing their fingers and blasting their horns away!

Immediately, aborting my decision to turn, I drove straight ahead to town, roughly half a mile away. A near miss, you might say. And RM300 summons saved.

What this short article is attempting to point out is this, drivers and other motorists alike, they know the rules. But are stubborn and commit driving offences when and as they like.

The incident above regarding single white line, goes as well for “double white lines” too. Besides this, of course, don’t forget the “no parking” too. Overtaking is also prohibited too,

You see a zebra crossing. Not the animal in the zoo. But the black and white painted sign on the road. For school children to cross the road safely. There are no children around. It’s a school break.

What are you supposed to do? Do you stop? Do you cross cautiously?

It’s a difficult question to answer really.

Allow me to tell you what drivers in our neighboring country, Singapore has to do. They are very strict down there in the south.

Irregardless whether there are pedestrians or school children around or not, you have to stop, wait a while, then proceed on with your journey. The same applies to traffic lights too.

Seeing a traffic light denoting Red, with no pedestrian around then, you still have to stop. Going across, would tantamount to have committed a traffic offense.

Incidentally, not observing zebra crossing carries a RM300 fine. Likewise, non observance of a traffic light similarly entails a RM300 fine also.

Next, let’s move on to the yellow box offence. In larger cities and towns throughout Malaysia, drivers have to make certain they observe this box. Traffic policemen and cameras are there to trap you. If caught in a yellow box area, a fine of RM300 awaits you.

Just because no mention has yet been made regarding motorcyclists, that does not mean they commit no mistakes. Motorcyclists tend to wear their helmets improperly or wrongly. They fail to tie their straps correctly.

Even worse, they don’t tie them up at all. The fine is RM100 only!

And finally, mention should also be made of drivers who permit small children, aged between 6 – 10 years, who put out their hands while the vehicle is moving.

This should be stopped immediately. It’s dangerous!

Accidents can take place. Drivers who allow such things to happen, should be stopped immediately and issued a summon.

We should not allow anything unwarranted to happen before we take action.

Hopefully, this article will go towards reminding you about some of the important things that a driver may have forgotten about as years go by.

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