Get Yourself In Trouble With Faulty Third Brake Lights

Brake Lights Not Functioning Violates Section 119 (2)

Unlike the rear lights of a car where they remain lighted up when engaged, brake lights only light up when a driver steps on the brakes. It is actually a warning light.

When brakes light up, it is a sign that the driver in front is experiencing some form of danger and is this attempting to slow down. As such, the driver following behind should act accordingly.

A brake light therefore is a very important item of a car. A brake light not functioning is a violation of Section 119 (2) of the Road Transport Act 1978. It carries with a RM150 fine.

Like the tail lights, as mentioned earlier, the brake lights play an important function. Without the brake lights, accidents can easily happen.

Years ago in the 1960s, a vehicle had only 2 brake lights. Experts believe that an additional 3rd brake would go a long way in preventing mishaps. Towards the later stages of 1970s, cars with the 3rd brake lights began to hit the market. And today, all if not most modern vehicles come with the 3rd brake light fitted as standard.

It was considered an important item of a car and without it, a driver could be fined. Although, driving a car without the 3rd brake light is only RM150 fine, nevertheless this requirement stresses the point whereby the 3rd brake is important.

As said earlier, cars of yester-years had only 2 sets of brake lights, one on the left side and the other on the right. As such, brake lights when applied by the driver of the car in front could not be seen by the driver following behind at the back.

Why is this so?

Brake lights of the older model cars were installed at the mid level of the car. Drivers following behind at times cannot see the brake lights lighting up. As mentioned, when brake lights suddenly light up, this indicates to the driver following behind that the driver in front of him has sensed some danger ahead or is about to stop.

Thus, the driver following his should take precautions to avoid hitting the car in front of him. Should the brake lights fails to function, there’s a likelihood that an eminent accident is bound to happen.

Modern day vehicles have 3rd brake light fixed into the car itself, at the top of the rear windscreen in the center. It is in fact being fixed at eye level to the driver following behind.

Such 3rd brake light can be seen rather clearly. There are no obstacle blocking the view of the driver following at the rear.

With the presence of the 3rd brake lights in cars, the possibility of one of the 3 brake light malfunctioning still exists. But do not despair as there are still two more brake lights remaining to remind drivers of potential danger.

Whatever the situation regarding the 3rd brake light is, as a driver, you have to ensure all the 3 brake lights function well. You should take immediate steps to rectify whatsoever faults that should arise.

Do not linger to have the brake lights serviced as a failure to do so will cause accidents.

Like other parts of the car, for example the tyres, the battery and brakes, which require our constant care and attention, the 3rd brake lights too must be given the due care it rightly deserves. Repair to the 3rd brake light in fact does not cost very much. In reality, you could even do it yourself!

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