Motorcyclists Law Breaking Behaviours On The Road

They weave in and out of traffic. At red traffic lights, at least 3-5 of them will choose to beat the lights. Many motorcyclists, have totally no regards for zebra-crossings at all.

Believe it or not, reckless motorcyclists are becoming a menace on our roads today. A total of 1169 motorcyclists and pillion riders are killed in road accidents in the first six months this year alone. To this day, authorities are still incapable of solving the problem of illegal racing.

Merempit motor amongst youths, especially Malays, still gives the authorities, the police and the Road Transport Department, tremendous headaches.

Somewhere along the line, some things have gone wrong. Time and again, the driving school folks and road safety people, parents, teachers and village elders have requested that the age to secure a motorcycle riding license be raised from 16 to at least 17 or 18 years of age. But the authorities have turned a deaf ear to such requests.

Riding a motorcycle, is indeed dangerous. If you happen to be driving a car, would you opt to ride a motorcycle if given the opportunity? It is most certain you would not. Am I right?

Yes, riding a motorcycle has its advantages over driving a car. Youths, just out of school, find it much easier to secure a motorcycle compared to a car. In short, a motorcycle is much cheaper to obtain.

You only need around RM500 deposit to book a new motorcycle. Monthly installment payments for motorcycles are also much less than monthly payments for cars.

What are the advantages a motorcycle has over a car?

For motorcycles, one does not need to do much servicing, changing of plugs and engine oil too. Do you also know, motorcycle riders also are exempted from paying tolls too? Motorcycle owners do not have to pay hefty parking fees.

Do you also know that a motorcycle can travel at least 50-100 kilometers with RM5 worth of petrol? Petrol cost is therefore cheaper than cars.

However, using a motorcycle is not all a bed of roses altogether. It’s not all pros all the way. To own a motorcycle, has its cons or bad points too.

What are some of the disadvantages of owning or using a motorcycle, you may want to ask?

Well, let me enlighten you regarding motorcycle ownership. Think about it carefully. And then, make an honest decision. Is it better to use a motorcycle or a car?

The disadvantages of using a motorcycle:-

i. Our atmosphere, as a matter of fact, is infact polluted and riding motorcycles cause minute particles to enter our eyes. A motorcycle rider has to don goggles to protect ourselves.

ii. A motorcycle rider is subjected to the inconsistencies of our weather. Rain, represents the biggest difficulty faced by motorcycle riders. They will have to be prepared for the inclement weather.

Be prepared with a raincoat at all times. However, motorcycle riders can take shelter under flyover. But remember, this represents a very dangerous act not to be encouraged at all.

iii. A motorcycle provides no protection to all those riding it. Besides helmets, leather boots, gloves, and leather jackets, nothing else can protect a rider from injuries. There are no seat belts, air bags or the external body of a vehicle which can assist to protect the poor motorcycle rider and his pillion.

Lately, the Malaysian motoring public is quite angry with the antics of motorcyclists. B2 motorcycle license holders (below 250c.c. capacity) should, as a matter of fact, ride in special motorcycle lanes along highways and expressways.

Only B full or superbike riders (501c.c. and above) are permitted to ride on expressways and highways. However, these days, B2 license holders have been found not to use special motorcycle lanes designated for them. Such actions are infact illegal in the eyes of the law. Besides, it also risks other motorists who consider their actions dangerous.

Are motorcyclists in this country being given an unfair treatment?

Of late, many Malaysians have made adverse complaints against the antics of motorcyclists. The Malaysian motoring public should infact sympathise and try to understand the small c.c. motorcycle riders’ reasons for not using the motorcycle lanes provided for them. Motorcycle riders in reality have their reasons for not doing so.

Motorcycle riders say:-

a. Not all motorcycle lanes are safe enough for them. Motorcycle lanes, they claim, are not well maintained. The lanes are in poor conditions and thus dangerous. The authorities should be blamed for the dire conditions of the motorcycle lanes in itself, if this is true.

b. Motorcycles are reported to be sometimes flooded, especially during rainy weather. Lanes are said to be filled with pot holes. This endangers the lives of our motorcycle riders.

The authorities on the other hand, should show more responsibility. JKR workers, if indeed they are responsible for the conditions of the motorcycle lanes, should see to it and ensure the motorcycle lanes are properly maintained at all times.

c. Motorcycle riders who use the motorcycle lanes often complain that at times, trees and branches fall on to the lanes, thereby endangering the lives of the motorcyclists. The authorities should see to it that the motorcyclists’ might have a bone of contention here and it is the authorities’ duty to look into them.

d. Are our motorcycle lanes throughout the country properly fitted with bright and safe lightings? If found to be unsatisfactorily lighted up, the authorities responsible should immediately see to it that the lanes are lighted up with proper lightings as soon as possible.

There are definitely more grouses and complaints which motorcyclists can raise up regarding the conditions of our motorcycle lanes in this country. But I believe what has been put forward so far is sufficient enough to prove their point.

In conclusion, I would like to suggest that in future, should we intend making a comment regarding the antics and behaviours of motorcyclists, we should first of all understand their woes and predicaments.

Otherwise, we will unfortunately end up making assumptions which are biased and unfair. All Malaysians should work together to eliminate the motorcycle menace which exists on our Malaysian roads today.

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