I have been instructing students how to drive since 1970. That works out to be 42 years. In Malaysia today, most students who take up a driving course, usually end up taking a total of 8 to 16 hours of tuition.

Regarding the above course, there exists a few questions which readers might wish to inquire about. Amongst the questions the public would most probably wish to ask are:-

i) Is the above course sufficient enough to produce drivers who are capable to drive competently?

ii) Does one feel that present day drivers or probational drivers are driving too fast especially along our expressway! As a result, many tragic accidents seem to be happening again and again.

iii) Are the current driving school or institute syllabuses adequate to deal with the current rate of accidents taking place in our country?

Many people including myself hold the opinion that young students who have just obtained their “P” or probational driving licenses are believed to be:-

a) Driving too fast along our expressways. Some are believed to be driving well over 70km/h to 80km/h or even more.

b) It should be kept in mind that students who have just obtained their driving licenses have yet to attain their 18th birthday as yet. They are therefore still immature and very inexperienced.

c) Being hardly 18 years of age, most are believed to be unaware about the potential dangers of modern cars and are therefore incapable of driving safely and competently.

My hypothetical question which I wrote in another article in this blog, entitled “Should the Permissible Age of Obtaining a Car Driving License Be Raised to 18?

However, this article has received many negative responses from parents and other quarters. Other recommendations which I have made rather frequently include as an experienced driver, parents should see to it that their children who have just recently obtained their driving licenses should be strictly supervised by them closely.

In short, the first few years of a person’s “P” or probational license period has to be monitored closely by their parents. At least for the first two years of the probational period, a constant parental observation has to be rendered.

What in reality do I propose? Obviously, I personally feel parents love their children or siblings too much. This prevents them following my well-intended suggestions.

Why do so many young drivers seem to be involved in accidents these days? Many young people seem to be involved in many accidents maybe because:-

i) Parents fail to realize or are unaware of the fact that their children or siblings are just only 17 years old. Most important of all, they seem to be oblivious to the fact that their children are still inexperienced.

Youngsters should therefore be advised to drive carefully and most important of all, do not speed! To drive safely along our expressways or lebuhraya, ample experiences are indeed required.

ii) To drive along our expressways and lebuhraya, a driver should have the ability not only to drive well but also to realize or know what speeds actually suits them.

iii) In order to be able to negotiate a sharp corner well and safely, a driver has to use the correct gears (in cases of manual cars). Besides this, a driver’s braking techniques are also important too.

One also has to ensure that over-steering does not occur. Over-steering can possibly lead to extreme dangers as the vehicle can go out of control. All these requirements, I believe are all beyond the capabilities of a young and inexperienced driver.

In my next article, I will share my thoughts on the perils of inexperience young Malaysian drivers on the road.