What are some of the things which P drivers normally commit which will cause them to lose their driving license?

1) Failure to follow rules and regulations laid down by the authorities.

A young, 17 year old P driver, who got his P license, J. Yen, took a group of his friends in his mum’s Honda vehicle to Subang Jaya. Not only did J. Yen ignore speed limits allowed on the highway, I was told by reliable sources that he even ignored traffic signs of No Entry by entering into it. This tantamount to being considered as dangerous driving, which no good driver should do.

If the JPJ or Road Transport Department officials were crossing the area when the above incident took place, this instructor is certain that the RTD officers would definitely have summoned the young P driver. His license then, would have been suspended for one year. He would then have to do a retest for Part II(parking) and Part III(Road test) of his practical test.

2) Not affixing P signage or emblems in front and at the rear of a vehicle driven by P drivers.

Although this ruling has been told to P drivers, unfortunately this ruling has been again been ignored by new drivers. Under the Demerit point system, P drivers are liable to lose their newly acquired licenses should they drive a vehicle with no P emblems on it.

Two years ago, my kampong and childhood friend, a Mr. Ong T.P., a TV electrician, came to see me about his son, who was summoned by RTD officers near Sepang, Selangor. Ong’s son was said to have driven a vehicle with no P sign at the rear of his vehicle. Supposedly, the P sign had dropped off without his realizing it.

The young man was handed a summon which he failed to settle in time. This resulted in Mr. Ong’s son eventually having his license blacklisted by the authorities. To lift the ban on Ong’s son, much hassle was involved in getting out a duplicate copy of the summons to facilitate payment. Hopefully, this story will be taken heed of by other young P drivers.

3) Not obeying traffic lights.

A student of mine, Tan T.S., who runs an accessory shop in Jalan Meru, Klang, once beat the traffic lights at Shah Alam, five kilometers from Klang. Another friend of the above person mentioned above, who was following behind Tan’s car, also did the same thing. Both drivers were P or provisional drivers.

The Demerit points system emphatically reiterated that a total of 10 demerit points could be handed to a P driver under probation. A total of 10 points could cause P driver to lose his driving license. Tan and his friend’s actions of ignoring the traffic lights at Shah Alam was unfortunately witnessed by a JPJ officer which was in reality following behind them.

The 2 youngsters were immediately stopped. The officers decided to take stern actions upon both P drivers. No amount of appeals could save the above two motorists. The P drivers who ran a traffic light, had their licenses suspended. They had to take a retest in order to drive again. Both were also suspended from driving for a year.

My former student, Tan T.S. came to see me one day. He wanted to do retest. All in all, Tan had to spend RM700 to do a retest at my institute’s testing ground located at the 5th mile Kampung Jawa Road in Klang.

And finally, I believe that giving readers of this blog another sample of how P drivers could lose their P licenses should be sufficient to deter you from doing things which might cause your P driving license from being withdrawn or suspended.

4) P license holders instructing their classmates/school mates at newly constructed supermarket parking lots.

Lately, I have come to know of certain P license holders, especially school children from well to do families driving to schools in their parents’ cars. Before continuing to delve into this problem, allow me to advise one and all a few important things:

i. To drive, the Akta Pengangkutan Jalan 1987 clearly stipulates that under Section 26(1) of the above Act, a person who wishes to drive must possess a driving license. Teaching a classmate to drive in your family car therefore is an offence. The P license owner is infact committing a few offences such as:-

a. You have no certificate to instruct anyone driving.

b. Your classmates/ school mates do not possess a valid license to drive. Therefore, if any mishaps or accidents should take place, your vehicle’s insurance company, will disclaim liability.

Pondering over all of the above factors that I have put forward, I’m sure you’ll be able to realize that what you are doing is indeed a very dangerous and stupid thing to do, you should therefore refrain from whatever you are doing now before any unforeseen incidents happen. Do not attempt to teach your classmates/ school mates how to drive illegally.

P drivers should contemplate what I have put forward for the perusal of all. Hopefully in doing so, you will be able to prevent your P driving license from being withdrawn or suspended by the relevant authorities, that is, the Road Transport Department, in the event that you are caught or arrested.

The above are but some of the ways and manner in which P drivers can end up losing their licenses.