Eye Problems Faced By New Car and Motorcycle Learners

Faced by the above eye maladies such as colour blindness, request your instructor for assistance. You should be brought to any state transport department for help.

In Selangor, the state transport department is at Padang Jawa, Klang. See the department top officials. Get the necessary form to undergo an eye test.

Any government clinic or hospital should also be of help. A good eye clinic or approved optician should be able to help you too.

Speaking about the required procedure for an eye test, ideally get a “Permohonan Surat Perakuan Kesihatan Penglihatan Calon / OKU”. Then fill up details such as Name, IC number and the type of letter you are supplied by the JPJ.

Upon completion of your eye test, you then have to submit it back to JPJ. The above authorities will normally require some time to get back to you with your results. In the meantime, be patient.

Normally, if all goes well, you will be allowed to undergo the necessary computer test at one of the centres, such as MYEG or MYSPEED.

Hopefully, students who have eye problems will now know what to do exactly. So it is hoped that this short article will be of assistance to you and your driving school instructor.

Of course, you will then have to attend the KPP 6 hours course at one of the leading driving institutes around town.

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