Is An Eye Test Required To Get a Driving License?

Is an eye test required to get a driving license in Malaysia?

The answer is No!

But one has to possess good vision, nevertheless.

When sitting for the Highway Code exam, potential candidates face an 8 question “Colour Blind Test”.

Fail it, and your problems then begins.

Drivers and riders face many eye problems, amongst them “astigmatism” where the eye is splitting lights and short sightedness.

Older drivers nowadays may have cataract problems. What is cataract problem anyway?

As one gets on with age, our vision or our ability to see, deteriorate. A well known eye centre explains cataract condition as being an aging eye condition.

The cornea or lens of our eyes become blur. Vision then becomes poor.

If a driver is affected by the above eye condition, it is best to get immediate medical attention.

Today eye medical centres such as the Hussien Onn Medical Centre, the Selayang Hospital, Sunway Medical etc are places where one can easily seek help for cataract problems.

But is the public aware that in Klang, the Tengku Ampuan Rahimah General Hospital is rather well known nowadays for its eye operation services to the residents of the royal town of Klang and its surrounding areas?

I recently underwent a cataract eye operation at the Wad Mata or Eye Ward of the above mentioned hospital.

To be fair, I have nothing but praises all round for the services provided. The nurses, the eye specialist and everyone concerned should be commended.

Bravo, I should say!

On the 15th January 2016, I will have another appointment with the Indian lady eye specialist at the Tengku Ampuan General Hospital. After that if everything goes well, the doctor will then set the date to remove the stitches of the said operation.

To end this short article on my cataract episode, I have however to make one pertinent complaint about the Klang General Hospital though. The Wad Mata is far too cold…for me anyway.

And my wad colleague, Mr Chia from Pulau Ketam, I’m certain will also share my contention too.

Solution for colour blindness

Is there a solution for colour blindness?

The fact is, there is a solution for colour blindness.

You can wear glasses with special lens to correct colour blindness.

However, the effectiveness of the lens will depends on individual.

Colour blindness glasses

Will the colour blindness lens work for you?

Honestly, I do not know. The only way for you to know for sure is to try it.

The colour blindness glasses are available for sale on Lazada. The good news is, they are not very expensive.

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