Comments On The Manual System Of Testing

2nd Comment On The Manual System Of Testing Introduced On 21st May 2009

The above system was recently introduced on 21st May 2009. More than 3 months have elapsed since. The time is now suitable to make another comment on it.

People dislike introduction of new things. Whether it is in offices, schools or working places. When we first heard about the “Manual Prosedur Kerja Pengurusan” idea, I was amongst those who opposed.

But today, to be fair to the authorities concerned, a favorable comment has to be made. As they say, “give credit where credit is due”. It is only fair.

This article will itemize the comments. This makes it easier for readers then to understand each and every aspect of the system introduced.

1) Test cards now to be bought earlier / to be signed by candidates themselves.

A very good idea. Application for tests are now accompanied by “test cards”, short to say, it’s more “streamlined”. Candidates, who now have to sign the Borang 4 and test cards themselves, eliminates “Forgery”.

2) Tests now broken into “sessions”.

This is indeed a “brilliant” idea. Driving schools and candidates “no longer” have to come very early, only to find themselves having to wait for hours before they are tested.

According to the new system, they only come for their sessions. They have only to wait a short period. The most the waiting period will be 1 – 1 ½ hours. Once again, permit me to comment: A good idea!

3) Late comers and “pregnant” candidates no longer to be entertained.

Those who are not properly attired will not be tested. Irregardless of either males or females, they cannot now do their tests. The same applies to “late comers” too.

So also the “pregnant” ladies. No longer is the testing authorities willing to bear the “brunt”. Enough is enough.

Driving schools and institutes should now onwards be more disciplined if they choose to have their candidates tested.

For your information, a pregnant lady in my institute, had her test rejected recently. Her husband disagreed with the clerk in charge’s decision. He finally has to go to J.P.J.’s office to seek the Pengarah’s good offices to allow his spouse to eventually test. What a “hassle” it was!

4) The compulsory wearing of seat belts especially during “parking” maneuvers.

Unlike previously, where wearing of “seat belts” was unnecessary, from 21st May 20009, it is now compulsory. So candidates going for their slope, side parking and 3 point turn, beware of the new development.

As this blog’s article prior to this were written way much earlier, therefore it might be misconstrued to this lack of knowledge. Anyway, to those readers who have written in to point out the “anomaly” a word of thanks to you.

It is readers like yourselves who help to make this blog possible and continuously improve it. Terima kasih and thank you once again!

I feel 4 comments are sufficient enough for this article. Too long an article will only bore you, maybe. So ends this comment on the “Manual Prosedur Kerja Pengurusan” introduced recently on the 21st May 2009.

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