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Are your currently staying in Shah Alam (SA), Selangor and looking for a reliable driving school or instructor? If you are, maybe we may be able to assist you.

Here’s some information about Shah Alam. Location wise, it is sandwiched in between Klang town and Petaling Jaya. It is approximately 25 kilometer west of Kuala Lumpur, capital of Malaysia.

Here’s something most people would not know. In the year 1978, SA officially replaced Kuala Lumpur as the capital state of Selangor. In 1974, Kuala Lumpur was incorporated into the Federal Territory.

The town area was also the first planned city in Malaysia after its independence in 1957. Notice how the surrounding area was well divided into specialised industrial and residential areas?

Prior to Malaysia’s independence, the town was actually known as Batu Tiga, a centre of rubber and palm oil trade for centuries. The name Batu Tiga is still wide used.

Because SA is a big township, locating a good car driving instructor can be difficult. You may need a teacher who is experienced, calm and patient. You may be looking for a person who can communicate well in English, Chinese and Bahasa Malaysia. Whatever your needs may be, we can help.

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