Learn Driving At Night – Is It Advisable?

Is It Advisable For A Student To Learn Driving At Night?

Most people work 8 hours per day. A few students have inquired this blog: “Can I learn how to drive at night?” To learn how to drive, actually is a contract between a “student” and a driving instructor. The time and place is mutually agreed upon by both parties.

But unlike most professions, an instructor is bound by certain “rules and regulations”. In Kuala Lumpur for example, driving schools are prohibited from using certain busy roads in the city.

To revert back to the question of learning to drive at night, legally is it within the nations laws?

Is an instructor committing and offense should he be stopped by the Police and the J.P.J. (Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan) authorities?

The Akta Pengangkutan Jalan 1987 (A.P.J. ’87) or the Road Transport Act 1987 unfortunately remains silent on this.

An Old Question Answered

Time and again, as an instructor of more than 30 years driving experience, I have always asked the officials this question: “Can an instructor teach a student at night?” Till this day, the answer still eludes me.

In my personal experience, this remains a “gray area”. It might have to be tested in the courts of law one fine day. Maybe not by myself. Perhaps by another instructor.

Driving Under A Flood Of Lights

Answering the student who asked this question regarding learning at night, be it be known some institutes do have “flood lights”. You can learn aspects like side parking, 3 point turn and slope in the evening or even at night.

Learning to drive on the road outside the institute’s perimeter is a different kettle of fish altogether. An instructor caught tutoring a student on the road, if caught by the Police or the J.P.J. authorities will obviously be stopped.

As to whether you’ll be summoned or otherwise, depends on your experience and ability to wrangle yourself out of the sticky situation.

So my advice to fellow instructors is: “Why get into unnecessary situations?” Simply follow this maxim: Do not instruct at night.

Reasons Not To Teach At Night

Further reasons support the above decision of mine. They are, amongst others:

1) It’s a dangerous job teaching driving as it is. What more, tutoring at night.

2) Social norms of society do not permit a male instructor being with a female student late in the evening.

3) Unless the driving instructor is paid extremely high fees to conduct classes late into the night, it’s not worth it actually.

4) Finally, there’s the question of “insurance coverage” to consider. Will the insurance company be liable to cover you in case of accidents? This is left to be ascertained yet.

On the subject of “night” driving, let me tell the blog reader who asked this question this. I am aware, regarding the importance of learning “night driving”. How else then can a person gain experience if he is not taught about it by an instructor?

Lest it be forgotten, permit me to tell you one important thing! There is a law in the Victoria State of Australia, that makes it “Mandatory” for a student to not only follow a 120 hours driving course before the driver is issued a “P” (Probationary) license, it also requires the student do a 10 Hour Night Driving course as well.

Now you know why the Victoria State of Australia is considered one of the world’s best authority to issue a driving license!

Will Malaysia see the light of such safe driving decisions? It’s left to be seen. Maybe not in my time. But the future, maybe!

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