Why Is It So Many Students Fail In Their Slope, Side Parking and 3 Point Turn Aspect Of The Test

As many as 40 – 50 students from a total of 200, fail in their slope, side parking and 3 point turn of their practical test for Class D license each week.

A fellow instructor, who was having a conversation with me, wanted to know why so many students failed these parts of the test. Below are 5 answers provided by me to him.

1) The element of luck.

To be successful in business or exams, “luck” plays a great role. Some people say, if “Haley’s Comet” happens to be crossing by on the day you’re doing your test, well, obviously you are on your way to success.

Whether you believe in this concept or otherwise, is up to you.

2) Insufficient practice.

How many times have you actually done the above maneuvers? Two times? Three times?

The fact that you feel nervous, is a clear indication you have not learnt or practiced enough.

A student who has been provided sufficient time on the above procedures, will be confident.

3) Using a total new car for test.

Don’t forget, on test day, you are given a totally new car to do your test. New means a different car from the one you practiced in prior to your test.

You are actually not acclimatized or “used to” the car. So how on earth are you expected to perform well on test day?

Whether you get a new car or an old junk (if you’re unlucky) makes little difference. The fact is, you’re simply not used to the car you have to use on test day.

In such a situation, obviously, you are going to fare rather badly.

4) Condition of test differs completely from practice runs.

Students always remark, “I could perform well during practice days”. Well my dear friend, test days are not the same.

The tension you face on test day is different. The testers howling at you and the spectators witnessing all your actions. The nervousness in you and so forth all adds up to causing you to make simple, silly mistakes.

And what does all this amount to?

Of course, your failing, eventually.

5) Not having taken your breakfast prior to doing your test.

Many students make the mistake of not taking their breakfast prior to doing their test. You may think this may sound to be only a minor problem but a full stomach goes a long way in making you a confident person.

An empty stomach won’t be much help in helping you pass your test.

To be successful in your parking aspects of your practical test, slope and 3 point turn, you need lots of ample practice and as said earlier, also a little bit of luck as well.

Well then, best of luck.

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