Easy Motorcycle Maintenance Tips Part 2

How To Look After One’s Motorcycle To Keep In Tip-Top Condition (Part 2 of 4)

6) The chain, which pulls the motor along can become elongated or “kendur”. It needs to be tightened from time to time. A too long elongated drive chain of a motorcycle is Dangerous. Have the chain shorten. You have also to “oil” the chain. Thus proper servicing of the motorcycle chain is of utmost importance. Your safety depends on it.

7) Modern motorcycles have 12 Volt battery system. Like car batteries, they need service. Fill up the batteries with “battery” water or “distilled” water. You can also use “rain” water. Battery water is available from “spare parts” shop, if you don’t know.

8) Motors have handle bar mirror on both the right and the left. “Right” side handle bar mirrors are “compulsory”. The left side is optional. You can get fined for not having the right handle bar mirror.

9) Like cars, your motorcycle also has 2 tyres (the front and the rear tyres) to be taken care of. Like cars, it also has Balancing, Alignment and Pressure problems to be dealt with. Learn up how to deal with these problems. Learn from friends and colleagues how to deal with them.

Tyre “threads” determine your safety. Remember, a tyre should have a 60% tyre thread to be considered as a good, safe tyre!

10) The headlights of the motorcycle also requires maintenance. There are “bulbs” for both the low beam and the high beam.

Periodically these bulbs can “fuse” or “burn” out. They have to be changed from time to time. Ensure these important items of your motor is in good working condition. Your safety is in “their” hands, so to say.

As this article is getting longer and longer each and every minute, and there are still many more items left. I contemplate not to proceed any longer, but to stop here and to continue writing about “How to look after one’s motorcycle to keep it in tip-top condition” some other time.

Do keep in touch with this blog as the continuation of this important topic will be done in a later article in this blog.

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