Easy Motorcycle Maintenance Tips Part 4

How To Look After One’s Motorcycle To Keep In Tip-Top Condition (Part 4 of 4)

17) One important item of the motorcycle itself which should not be forgotten to be mentioned is the Exhaust Pipe System or The Silencer. This item has to be inspected from time to time.

The interior part of the exhaust pipe can deteriorate thus emitting excessive smoke and loud exhaust sound. Be it be known that the law reiterates that any vehicle which emits a more than 90 decibel sound into the atmosphere has committed an offense. This is known as sound pollution.

If you are unaware, the Ministry of Health will act on those responsible for the factories causing both “air” as well as “sound pollution”.

18) Another item in the motorcycle which needs our attention is the “gear changing mechanism” which is situated on the right foot itself. Its function is to facilitate the changing of gears. This item can very well become loose and cause gear changing difficulties. Have this part checked from time to time to prevent potential breakdown.

19) The throttle mechanism which is meant to accelerate a motor forward has a cable which can sometimes get jammed. Oil the mechanism with ideally W.D. 40 to prevent it from getting stucked or jammed.

If this mechanism is jammed, the possibility of not being able to control your motor is extremely high. Accidents can happen.

20) The engine oil of your motorcycle’s engine also requires periodic check-up from time to time. Ensure that the engine do not lack engine oil as this might cause the engine to be jammed up and eventually require your engine to be “overhauled”.

21) Some motorcycles have an item called the fuel filter. The fuel filter function is to filter out the impurities which are contained in our fuel / petrol. Have the filter changed often, which will then result in our motorcycles running smoothly.

There might be some minor items which has escaped my attention and apologies should therefore be rendered.

Finally, in highlighting the items which has to kept in view in order to “maintain the tip-top condition of a motorcycle”, it should be borne in mind that the blog’s intention is not to expect a rider or the owner of a motorcycle to do the repairs of the important items himself, but to be aware and thus bring his vehicle to the nearest motor shop for proper attention.

Hopefully highlighting the 20 or so important items of the motorcycle will eventually help to keep your machine in tip-top condition always. Keep riding!

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