Easy Motorcycle Maintenance Tips Part 3

How To Look After One’s Motorcycle To Keep In Tip-Top Condition (Part 3 of 4)

In the first and second part of this article on “How to look after one’s motorcycle to keep in tip-top condition”, we stopped at the item entitled the “The Headlights“. In reality, the headlights should go hand in hand with the next item which is:
11) The rear or hind lights of the motorcycle – The “hind” or “rear” lights of the motorcycle is equally as important as the frontal lights. Due attention should be placed also upon this important item as well.

Rear lights light up the rear of the motor. Without it, riding a motorcycle becomes “dangerous”. People or motorist cannot spot you.

Rear lights also “light” up when you apply your brakes. Then and only then can motorists behind you realise you’re slowing down. If the brakes lights fail to “light up”, they might knock into you. So brake lights mechanism should be continually inspected to ensure that they are in good working condition.

Again, your “safety” may very well depend on it. Anyway, please remember “brake” lights not functioning is an Offense!

12) Horn – The horn is intended to “warn” people. It’s meant to prevent accidents. Without it, riding motorcycles would be extremely dangerous. Unfortunately in motorcycles especially, horns do get spoilt rather easily. So riders should take steps to see it works perfectly. So kindly do your duty in ensuring the horn of your motorcycle function well.

13) Signals or indicators as some people know them as are important items of a motorcycle. There are the left and right signals. A condenser controls these two items. Bulbs in the signal unit can “burn out”. Replace them periodically.

14) Then there is the locking mechanism underneath the handle bars. Your motorcycle’s safety depends on it. Ensure the “lock” mechanism is not spoilt. Test it out from time to time. Do repair it instantly, if necessary. It can prevent “theft”.

15) Many are not aware than chain covers on a motorcycle is not only an important item of a motorcycle but that it is a compulsory item of a motorcycle too. Therefore, anyone who purposely removes the chain cover of his motorcycle is infact committing an Offense.

Let me explain why. In times of accidents, when one falls and goes “sprawling” onto the ground, it is possible your legs might get “entangled” in the chains of the motorcycle itself. Can you imagine what a gory accident it’s going to be?

Except for motors which “originally” has no chain covers like “Scrambler” models. When they first come out of the factory, any one willfully removing his motorcycle “chain cover” is in fact committing a serous offense.

16) The front absorber of a motorcycle should also be checked by an owner from time to time. It’s capacity to act as a good shock absorber, the handle bar “struts” on the left and right of the wheel has to be maintained well also.

While we mention the frontal absorber, let’s also mention the rear absorber too. Modern bikes nowadays use the “hydraulic” types. Do check out all four absorbers of your bikes.

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