Expressing My Heartfelt Gratitude And Thanks

If you have a chance to read my article title “Tales of My Old Driving Instructor” relating to you about the proprietor of the small driving school entity which tutored me in the art of driving, that is Mr. Thia Eng Hock, who is also known as “Yankee”. In the above article, I also went on to relate to you about the various models of bikes which I owned.

In this article, effort will be made to talk about the cars that I have had the opportunity to own or had the chance to use over the years. As a new driver who has just obtained his or her driving license, be it cars or motorcycles, we would fancy very much to be given the chance to drive.

Nevertheless, being only about 22 or 23 years old then, I did not possess the financial capability to afford buying a vehicle. My dad was a lorry driver and our family at this time could hardly make ends meet. Under such circumstances, there was no way we could have afford to own a car, albeit a second hand one.

But at times, the use of a car to go places is something inevitable to all of us. I remember when my wife gave birth to our first daughter, I had to travel to some 15 km to the Petaling Jaya University Hospital to fetch the baby and my wife back from the hospital.

Therefore, whether I like it or not, I had to borrow a car from either my relatives or friends for the above purpose. I have been lucky that when I was young, I had friends, cousins and relatives who were kind enough to lend me and my father their vehicles. In fact, not many people fancy lending their vehicles to other people.

I remember hearing one of my teachers, Mr. Sonny Tan, when I was in Form 1 in Anglo Chinese School, Klang, reiterating to us that he would never envisage lending his Morris Minor car to anyone or at any time at all.

When I think back or reflect upon the times when I was young, my friends, cousins and comrades have always made it a point to willingly lend me their cars when they were asked to do so. For this, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude and thanks.

To people such as my cousin, Mr. Henry Lim of Teluk Pulai, Mr. Ah Poon, a “you char kuay” seller and his wife from Jalan Goh Hock Huat, Klang, a Mr. Chee Miau, an electrical shop owner from Mara Complex situated at Jalan Pasar, Klang, they are but some of those kind and caring people who allowed me to use their vehicles in those days. Thank you.

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