More Strange and Bizarre Things Happening In Malaysia

Here’s another bizarre and interesting story which I feel should be told to readers. If you think you are safe wearing a seat belt, allow me to tell you a tale regarding a couple of friends of mine.

The male driver, the husband, was faithfully wearing a seat belt. Cruising out of the Karak Highway tunnel near Genting Highlands, my friend crashed into the back of a vehicle. The whiplash caused by the straining seat belt, unfortunately broke my friend’s neck.

His wife, who was then pregnant with the couple’s 2nd child was not wearing her safety belt then. Miraculously, she escaped with only minor injuries.

Another unusual and bizarre incident I would like to relate to you happened to my own elder brother. Walking along a wet pavement one fine day near Bukit Tinggi housing estate, Klang, my brother who is 67 years old missed his footing, slipped and then fell.

Can you imagine the consequences of one, my brother’s age falling and worse of all landing on the back of his head? He fell flat, landing on his elbows. Searing pain then spread around his chest, his shoulders and arms.

As he lay flat on his back for some 5 – 10 minutes, he was unable to move both his feet. But he felt he could move his arms and hands though. Believe it or not, my brother told me, before he landed on the hard cement ground, he felt a certain unusual force supporting him as he fell towards the ground thus cushioning his fall. What was the bizarre force which helped my elder brother break his bad fall and prevented him from more serious injuries?

My brother tells me, he believes, his connection with a certain deity which he staunchly believes in was responsible for his safety that day. You see, my elder brother is the Treasurer of a Chinese Temple, Seng Ong Kong located at Jalan Kapar, Klang. Believe it or otherwise, this deity had helped and saved the day when my brother fell that day!

If I were to continue relating more and more bizarre and unusual stories which life can unfold, it would cover numerous pages and lots of time. As I reiterated earlier, strange and bizarre things do happen to us sometimes.

My friend, an electrician, had only 3 pieces of 50 cents coins as he pulled a jackpot machine one day in the famous casino resort of Genting Highlands. Believe it or not, three 777’s appeared on the screen of the slot machine he played that day!

Later the machine spun again and 2 other 7’s then appeared. He had hit a total of 5 7’s “jackpot”! The progressive jackpot had won my friend a total RM220,000. The machine went wild. It went screaming and the lights flashed. The machine attendants all come running to my friend’s machine to congratulate him on his success.

They asked him in what denomination or manner he wished his jackpot money to be paid. The casino management even handed him RM100 for food and refreshments.

My friend told me he took his winnings via a RM100,000 cheque. The rest, he said he took in RM100 bills totaling RM120,000. My friend then ordered a new car with his favorite vehicle number. He then become lost and nearly forgot everything, his duties, his friends and even his family.

He jollied and enjoyed life. He went night clubbing, gambled extensively and visited the casino even more frequently. Every day, according to my friend, had become a New Year. There were always friends calling him everyday inviting him to night clubs to drink and enjoyed his new found wealth tremendously.

Even before his new car was out, which then required a waiting period of a few months, my friend has lost back most of the entire RM200,000 jackpot that he won. Where is my friend in question today? He is, I’m told by his wife has bolted from town. Hounded by thugs and money lenders, “ah longs” and underworld people.

If only he had been wise, and bought an apartment which costs around RM200,000, then my friend’s life would be different. He would have been a happy man instead.

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  1. Afiq November 2, 2010 at 12:23 am - Reply

    1) in your opinion,it is possible for me to complete the training,QTI and JPJ within 1 month for B2..i already hold the L for 1 year..

    2)this is my friend’s problem..if he already had the P for D class and only L for B2..his B2 is expired after 2 how much is the cost for him to take the B2 license as he no need to attend the KPP and theory test??

    • Cikgu Yap November 4, 2010 at 1:16 pm - Reply

      If you work fast, it’s possible. You friend no need to attend KPP again. But he’ll have to take out a new L and most probably attend the 6 hour theory for B2 again.

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