Stories Of My Driving School Students Part 2

This is a continuation of the article Stories Of My Driving School Students Part 1.  I want to tell you something that you may not realize. I held a first profession for some 35 years and retiring in 1999 at the age of 50.

But as for my 2nd or part time profession as a driving school instructor, it is now approaching over 40 years. Yet I am still at it. Maybe I will be still at it as long as health permits. What has all these gone on to show? That maybe, my ardour or love for instructing students in the art of driving surpasses my love for my first profession.

For reasons known only to myself and my immediate family members, my wife and my children, I cannot reveal to readers what my first profession really is. Whether I choose to reveal my above profession or not is not the question. The important thing is that I shall continue to share my experiences on driving with my readers and answer questions posed by you to this blog.

Students of the 1980, 1990 and 2010 period

Amongst the many students, I’m still capable of remembering most surely be Tan J.C. I’m not certain around what period of time this student took up his driving. All I remember about this student was that he was a High School Klang boy.

In fact, I know the Tan family rather well. J.C.’s uncle was in reality taught by me, at least 20 – 25 years ago. I understand that the uncle today has 2 children. He was from Kwang Hua Secondary School in nearby Eng Ann Estate, Klang.

The uncle’s wife, a girl from the island of Pulau Ketam, Selangor were amongst those who also took driving lessons from me. Finally, 2 aunties of J.C. also took their driving instructions from me from 1980 -1990. As to the exact date they undertook their lessons, I unfortunately have forgotten.

J.C. is the second child of a Mr. Tan who is a primary school teacher. The last I understand he was teaching at Sekolah Rendah Jalan Meru in Klang. I remember J.C. look up around 14 – 16 lessons. In the S.P.M. examinations, J.C. obtained very good results, securing straight As.

At the moment I was instructing J.C., I found him to be highly stressed young boy. Unfortunately, he found some difficulty learning up his side parking maneuvers. As he himself told me, at that time, he was in fact struggling to secure a scholarship. This would then lighten the strain on his family, where his education was concerned.

I have not encountered this student since the day I handed him his Competent Driving License (C.D.L.) quite some time back. The last time I met his mum, I was told that J.C. does drive occasionally, from time to time. Good for him!

I am indeed happy to know that he has succeeded in making another student driver. Another mission accomplished, so to say.

Referring to my driving records, J.C. took his practical driving test, which comprised Part II (Slope, Parking and 3 Point Turn) and Part III (Road Test) on 11th May 2009. He passed his examinations the first time he sat for it! Syabas and bravo to J.C. for a job well done. Drive carefully though.

Another student I still remember rather vividly, who also took up his driving was none other than a young boy by the name of Lee W.J.

W.J. took up some 14 – 16 lessons which were actually the number of lessons most students take up. My recollection regarding this student tells me W.J. was a student of High School Klang too. His mother is a housewife at time she came to see me at my house one fine day. She was very particular that her son should only be taught by a good driving instructor.

With some 40 years of driving instruction experience behind and tutoring since I was in my twenties, I wonder if there’s any one in Malaysia who has that kind of qualifications. Maybe perhaps my close buddy, Mr. Chin Yon Hook from nearby Berkeley Gardens in Klang.

Incidentally, Mr. Chin who owns the Sekolah Memandu Sentosa has more than 42 years of experience. For your info, Mrs. Lee was in fact recommended by a wantan mee seller who personally knows me rather well.

And finally, for students during the period of 1980, 1990 to 2009, I would like to highlight S. Singh. S. Singh’s brother was my student way back in 2008 or 2009. Therefore, it would not be wrong to say, I actually know well S. Singh’s family.

The Singh’s family, in reality lives very close to my abode. S. Singh is another student of High School Klang and he had no knowledge about how to drive when he first approached me. But the wonderful thing was that his parents left their son totally to my care.

In fact, I, as the instructor of their son had a free hand in deciding how many driving lessons their son had to take. All they did was to pay the grand total of whatever amount I asked for. All in all, S. Singh took as many as 20 driving lessons under me.

Today, I’m happy to say S. Singh can drive rather well. He even helps his mum, who is having some problems driving at night these days because she is reported suffering from astigmatism.

S. Singh recently got his S.P.M. results securing very good grades. He plans to take up medical studies at HELP Institute very shortly. Best of luck to him in whatever he may wish to pursue.

Regarding his driving course which S. Singh took under me, he unfortunately had to appear for his practical driving test 2 times. The 1st time, he failed in his Part II test. However, he passed his Part III test the first time.

The following week, S. Singh sat for his Parking test again and passed without any problem at all. He received his full license or “P” on the 23rd of April 2010.

Finally, I would like to reiterate that it was a rather wonderful experience teaching S. Singh. He followed everything to the book. Such students, in fact makes instructing students who do not know how to driver plain sailing and a pleasure indeed. To S. Singh, I would like to extend to you my thanks.

Finally, S. Singh’s cousin, J. Singh, also took lessons under my tutelage. For your information, J. Singh who incidentally represents Sabah team in hockey also passed his practical test at one go recently.

As this article has stretched on into many pages, I suggest students who are currently registered with me and who will be taught in the forthcoming months will be highlighted in my next article.

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