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How To Secure A Motorcycle License In Malaysia?

The government has rather recently directed all driving schools and institutes across the nation to charge potential motorcycle student no more than RM211. This applied to those who intent to secure a Class B2 motorcycle license. Briefly, the amount of RM211 seems to cover: i) Attending the 5 hour course on Kursus Pendidikan Pemandu. ii) [...]

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The Cost Of Getting Motorcycle License In Malaysia

Many years ago, motorcycle riders were exempted from paying road tolls. Bridge tolls followed. B2 riders were exempted. Very soon followed the government’s decision to reduce road tax. Road tax for motors become RM2 only. But if you think that’s all the authorities are doing for motorcycle rides, you’re wrong. A few months ago, 135,000 [...]

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Learn To Ride Motorcycle – The Basic Steps

If a person can ride a bicycle, learning to ride a motorcycle would be easier. This article, would concentrate on instructing a student, how to ride a manual motorcycle. In such a vehicle, the rider changes the gears himself. Foremost, remember a motorcycle is powered by petrol or fuel. It is therefore dangerous. A slight [...]

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