Malaysian driving license

Why would you want to convert your country issued driving license to a Malaysian driving license?

The main benefits for the license conversion are convenience and cost saving.

If you are planning to come to Malaysia for a holiday, do understand that you can use your country issued driving license to drive a vehicle in Malaysia.

As long as your license is valid, you shouldn’t have any issue.

If the license is not printed in English, it is recommended that you translate your license details to English so that our local authority such as the traffic police can understand it.

Staying for long term

If you are planning to stay in Malaysia long term for work purposes, or if you are planning to retire in Malaysia via the Malaysia My Second Home program, it is recommended that you convert your license to a Malaysian driving license.

As mentioned earlier, the benefits of the license conversion are convenience and cost saving.

If you are holding your local driving license, it may be very troublesome to get it renewed when it expired.

You would have to ask a friend or a family member at home to renew your license and then have it posted to your home in Malaysia.

How much time and cost would that incurred?

When you are holding a Malaysian driving license, the validity can be as long as 5 years.

When it is about to expired, you can renew your license online and have it delivered to your home within 1 day.

The license renewal cost is only RM30 per year.

32 countries allowed

Please note, only driving licenses from 32 countries are allowed to be converted to a Malaysian driving license.

This is based on the Two-Way Agreement between the selected countries and Malaysia.

The following are the countries allowed as per the Malaysian Road Transport Department:

  1. Australia
  2. Iraq
  3. Papua New Guinea
  4. Belgium
  5. Italy
  6. France
  7. Holland
  8. Japan
  9. Poland
  10. Brunei
  11. Germany
  12. Russia
  13. China
  14. Korea
  15. Spain
  16. Denmark
  17. Laos
  18. Singapore
  19. Fiji
  20. Libya
  21. Switzerland
  22. Philippines
  23. Mauritius
  24. Thailand
  25. Finland
  26. Egypt
  27. Turkey
  28. Hong Kong
  29. New Zealand
  30. Taiwan
  31. Iran
  32. Nigeria

What if your country is not in the list of 32?

Well, you have no choice but to go through the standard process to apply for a Malaysian driving license.

License conversion process

The following are the documents needed for the license conversion:

1) Your passport.

2) Your visa with a validity no less than 3 months.

3) Your country issued driving license.

4) If your license is not in English, a translation letter is required.

5) Endorsement from embassy of country of origin located in Malaysia.

6) Colour photo (25mm x 35mm).

7) Completed JPJ L1 form.

The cost for the conversion process is RM20.

Plus, the Malaysian driving license fee RM30 per year.

The license conversion document submission can be done at the state Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan (JPJ) or the Road Transport Department.

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