Not only Malaysians, especially those who have reached the age of 17, are allowed to secure a driving license for cars (class D) and if they are 16, a B2 motorcycle license, even foreigners, such as Bangladeshis, Vietnamese, Indonesians and even foreign students from Nigeria, Sudan etc can infact secure a Malaysian driving license.

Besides students, I have frequently been asked by Malaysians, who have married ladies from mainland China, whether or not their “spouse” can indeed be allowed to secure a Malaysian driving license.

Just a few days ago, while busy painting the grille of my fence, a young Vietnamese girl aged about 25 years or so, inquired of me if I was indeed a driving” instructor.

Upon my letting the Vietnamese lady know the fact that I was indeed a driving instructor, she went to relate to me that she wants to secure a Malaysian driving license.

Is it possible, she wanted to know.

Further investigations into her background revealed a few astonishing things, albeit sad. The Vietnamese girl informed me that:

1. She was married to a Vietnamese man who is working here.

2. She has the proper documents such as a marriage certificate and the necessary visa documents too.

3. The Vietnamese lady is infact working as a waitress at one large restaurant in Jalan Meru, Klang.

The Vietnamese girl, who talked to me about her intention and desire to get a Malaysian driving license, in reality, had all the qualifications necessary to secure a Malaysian driving license indeed.

But what the above foreign lady related to me further shocked and saddened me. She told me that she had been cheated by no less than 3 unscrupulous driving school instructors, Malays, Chinese and Indians as well.

The Vietnamese girl had lost quite a large sum of money to them.

I then went on to advise her that today’s world is full of cheats, unscrupulous, and bad people, who will not fail to make a fast buck, especially upon foreigners like her.

How did the foreign Vietnamese girl come into such a dire predicament? Driving school operators had infact promised to help her pass the Highway Code.

You see, foreigners working in this country usually come from poor financial standings back home in their native country.

In our country, Malaysia, they may very well be married to a fellow countryman. They usually rent rooms here and as far as I know, live a very frugal and difficult life.

Their salaries, as a matter of fact, are not high.

But I believe, many of them work hard and long hours trying to etch out a decent livelihood here in Malaysia.

But these foreigners can easily be cheated by Malaysian businessmen.

If foreigners are lucky, they will end up making a small fortune from their hard toil they undergo here in Malaysia.

Eventually, some of them might be able to take home a small fortune after spending a few hard years of work in this “land of promise”, Malaysia.

Vietnamese, like all normal human beings, would also like to enjoy a little bit while they are here in our country.

They, I believe, would like to visit supermarkets, to go shopping, visit malls, our beaches like Morib Gold Coast, visit Genting Highlamds, the island of the Pearl of Orient(Pulau Pinang) and even Cemeron Highlands to enjoy its cool and beautiful atmosphere, if they can!

But in order to do the above things that I have suggested, foreigners must first of all have access to cars.

They cannot possibly depend on our notorious public transport which is most unsatisfactory.

And to own cars, foreigners, especially a Vietnamese for example, must possess Malaysian driving licenses, first of all.

To buy a new or second hand car here in Malaysia, it is my belief is not beyond the reach of most foreign workers here in Malaysia.

A good and reliable second hand car, for example a 5 year old Kancil cost only around RM12,000 – RM15,000.

A 5 year old reliable second hand Proton car can be available at around RM15,000 – RM20,000.

Now let us come back to the questions of “can a foreigner working here in our country attempt to secure a Malaysian driving license?” As I reiterated earlier on, the answer is indeed yes! But do tarry a while longer.

Allow me to finish my explanation first.

A foreigner, especially a Vietnamese for example, must be able to pass the Highway Code or “undang-undang” test in English or in Bahasa Malaysia.

The Highway Code is actually part I of our driving test conducted by the Road Transport Department. Part II is incidentally, “going up the slope”, “side parking” and “3 point turn” maneuvers.

Part III is the “road test”.

The Vietnamese lady, who asked of me if she could learn to drive and secure a Malaysian driving license, a few days ago, while I was busy painting my garden fence, had wanted to know, if there were ways and means of helping her pass the Highway Code test.

I shall not proceed on to explain what the above statement means.

In driving school circles, this is indeed a “sensitive issue”. It shall therefore not be broached here.

Not wanting to disappoint the Vietnamese lady about her request, I decided to give her my handphone number. I infact asked her to call me a day later for my answer.

Without fail, the lady did call me one day later to get my reply.

I understood her anxiety and I would like to assist her if I could. But in reality, my hands are tied.

Asking for advice from friends involved in this industry, I finally gathered information that a foreigner who wishes to secure a Malaysian driving license should ideally brush up his or her prowess in English and Bahasa Malaysia so as to enable them to pass the “Highway Code” test.

The answer which I eventually gave to the young Vietnamese girl who had the intent to secure a Malaysian driving license was, “do not use hanky-panky means”, as it would not be worth the while.

If checks should eventually be made into the manner in which a license holder has fraudulently obtained his driving license, stern actions will be taken against the wrongdoers by the authorities concerned.

I am uncertain as to whether the advice given to the Vietnamese foreigner will be heeded or otherwise.

In my heart of hearts, I hope it is taken heed of to avoid any unforeseen developments later on!

As such, I hope all foreign workers currently working in Malaysia, will take special heed of this article’s warning and refrain from attempting to secure a Malaysian driving license via “fraudulent” means!

Currently, I am tutoring an Indonesian Chinese lady how to drive. The above lady already possesses an Indonesian driving license. But due to reasons known only to the authorities alone, she cannot convert her license into Malaysian license.

And so, she has to attend the 5 hours Kursus Pendidikan Pemandu (K.P.P.), the 6 hours theory class, then do her Highway Code and take up practical driving classes all over again in order to get her Malaysian driving license.

Malaysian Driving License For Foreigner

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