2 Key Requirements to Secure a Malaysian Driving License

There are various rules and regulations for one to secure a driving license in Malaysia.

Therefore, not everyone can apply to get a license to drive in this country.

Malaysians obviously can apply. Students who come to our country to study at colleges, universities and schools can likewise take up a driving course with driving schools and institutes should they desire to get a driving license. Those who come here to work as professionals, should have no problem getting a license to drive if they want to.

However, there are those who wrote in to this blog asking, “can I attempt to secure a Malaysian driving license if I’m visiting Malaysia on a social permit or as a tourist?”. For this group of people, unfortunately, the answer seems to be a big No!

Before you decide to get a license in this country, as I mentioned much earlier, see to it that you qualify. In short, you should meet certain rules and regulations.

What are these rules and regulations you might with to know?

Two requirements seem to be age and health factor. Basically, according to the type of vehicle you wish to drive are:

i) 16 years for Class A, B, C. A is for disabled person. B is for motorcycle while C is for motorcycle carriage vehicles.

ii) 17 years if you intend to drive cars.

iii) 21 years if you wish to achieve a Class E to I category of driving license.

For lorry licenses Class E, E1 and E2, one should possess a Class D (car) license for at least a year if he wishes to apply.

Of course, besides all the stated requirements above, a potential student wishing to get a driving license in our country is the ability or be competent in either Bahasa Malaysia or English language.

Don’t forget, one has to get through the Highway Code test which is a 50 question computer test. However, those attempting to get an E (lorry) license would be exempted from the above mentioned exam, as they already possess a car license previously.

The requirements of health are very simple. A person should be able to hear rather distinctly. Those who are hard of hearing are ideally recommended to get the assistance of a hearing aid.

Drivers should be able to hear cars or vehicles coming from behind, policemen blowing whistles and vehicles passing by. The ability to hear tyre sound and sound from an engine are extremely important. Early detection of sounds coming from the engine compartment can sometimes assist in preventing costly repairs.

A potential driver is ideally expected to be able to see a minimum distance of some 23 meters. Preferably a driver should also be not colour blind. One other health requirement is the ability to be able to see a distance of 100 meters of cars approaching ahead.

Pertaining to the question of health also is that potential drivers are not suffering from epilepsy. Regarding colour blind, a student has to undergo a short test of 8 questions. You are required to secure an 8/8 result to be considered having passed this examination. Those who fail this test will be asked to visit the J.P.J. office, whose officers then direct you to the nearest health clinic or hospital for an eye test.

One more important requirement of health that is needed of a potential student who aspires to secure a driving license in Malaysia is that one has to be able bodied. Ensure that you are not suffering from any physical abnormalities.

Should you unfortunately be handicapped in any way, you should see an orthopedic surgeon at the General Hospital. Get his to certify that you are fit to driver. However, should you be found unfit to drive a manual car, the orthopedic surgeon will then deem it fit that you use an automatic vehicle.

In short, a student wanting to take up driving course must obtain a doctor’s certification that he or she is fit to drive. He or she should not pose any danger not only to himself or herself, but also to other road users as well.

Talking about the subject of driving licenses, one further aspect should able be addressed here. This pertains to the question of can a “P” license holder of a Malaysian license, be permitted to drive, say in the United States of America.

While the USA is a signatory to the Geneva Conference 1949 and 1968, and as such is bound to accept our Malaysian license to use in the country, nevertheless, a small problem however exists.

What is the problem, you may wish to ask?

Malaysian “P” license is in fact not a full fledge license. It’s in reality a “provisional” license. Being such, it is probable that the USA authorities, might not accept this license for use in the USA.

Anyway, should you be visiting the above country and you wish to drive there, you are advised to ask around if the Malaysian “P” is valid for use over there.

Failing to do this, you might find yourself contravening the laws and most probably you might even find yourselves being fined by the authorities there.

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  1. mk June 1, 2010 at 7:36 pm - Reply

    dear sir, im another student frm tanzania, and i had inquired with jpj and they said they wil onli convert phd students foriegn driving licence students to local licence and not bachelor degree students.

    is there any way to convert for bachelor degree. i hold tanzania dl

    • Cikgu Yap June 3, 2010 at 1:31 am - Reply

      You already heard if from the horse’s mouth. Is it therefore necessary to ask me further?

  2. Lutfi June 28, 2010 at 11:53 pm - Reply

    Hi Sir,

    I will be going to America for a month at the end of the year to study. Next month will be the expiry date for my PDL. How do i apply for my CDL after that? Can i use my CDL and drive in America? Do i need to apply for international licence? can i apply?

    Thank You for your help.


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