Reinstate a Cancelled Vocational Driving License

Procedures On How To Get Your Vocational Licenses Which Have Been Automatically Revoked Reinstated

A Competent Driver’s License (C.D.L.) holder, whose license has not been renewed for more than 3 years will automatically be revoked.

Pertaining to vocational licenses, of which there are 2, Goods Driver’s License (G.D.L.) and Public Service Vehicles (P.S.V.) license, the same is applied.

Can a person whose above mentioned licenses has been revoked seek for it to be reinstated?

The answer to the above important question is Yes!

Appeals can be received from holders who can furnish valid and good reasons. For this purpose, one is advised to submit appeals to the Transport Department’s head office in Putrajaya.

Section 29 (1) (b), read in conjunction with Section 2 A.P.J. 1987 permits appeals to vocational licenses which have been revoked.

However, holders of such licenses which if reinstated are required to attend a Theory Course to obtain the certificate JPJL2C.

For the public’s consumption, the above course is currently conducted only by driving institutes all over the country.

Where can applicants apply to if they so desire to make an appeal?

The proper and correct place to make such an appeal is none other than the “Licensing Department”, the J.P.J. headquarters in Putrajaya.

For those who are not sure where it is, seek help from your driving school operator or your nearest driving institutes nearby.

What are the necessary documents one would need for making such an application?

The important documents one would need to submit are:

i) Appeal letter containing particulars such as name, identity card number, correspondence address and duly signed by the applicant.

ii) A photostat copy of your license.

iii) Evidence to support your appeal.

Each application of appeal for reinstatement based upon good reasons will be reconsidered by the Director, J.P.J., Malaysia, taking into consideration the “Pengecualian Pemakaian Kaedah 5 (3) Kaedah-kaedah Kenderaan Motor (Lesen Memandu) 1992.

All appeals for reinstatement by the licensing department of the headquarters would take into consideration factors to verify if the applicant’s record is free from traffic violations and demerit points received do not total more than 10.

A final decision will then be issued by the Director, J.P.J. Malaysia henceforth.

The application to sit for the theory course to obtain the necessary JPJL2C, can be made with any driving institute, after the decision for reinstatement has been made.

The Licensing Department of J.P.J, Putrajaya will issue approval letters to state J.P.Js., including a copy of the approval to the applicant concerned.

The letter is only valid for a duration of 60 days from the date of issue.

No further appeals after the expiry will be entertained. The applicant will then have to undergo the usual and normal testing procedures thereafter.

It is hoped that readers who face this dilemma will now be familiar with the procedure they have to undergo should they wish to make an appeal for their vocational licenses like P.S.V. and G.D.L. licenses which have been revoked.

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