Through a system of records created at the J.P.J. Headquarters at Putrajaya, summons by the Police Authorities, the J.P.J. and the Court Authorities are tabulated.

Drivers belonging to the “P” category and the C.D.L holders (experienced drivers) will have action taken against them:

a) when P drivers attain 10 Demerits Points within 1 year.
b) when C.D.L. holders obtain 15 demerit Points within 2 years.

Assuming these 2 classes of drivers know what the Demerit System is all about and the 18 or so items through which they can obtain their demerit points, I shall proceed therefore to talk about what happens to their Licenses then.

In “P” cases, their licenses will be Suspended. The J.P.J. Headquarters will issue them a show cause letter as to why their P licenses should not be suspended.

Unless the holder has a very good reason, most likely you will not be spared a suspension. During suspension period, you cannot drive or apply for any sort of license to drive any class of vehicles.

After the suspension period is over (suspension normally is 1 year) you will then have to resit the Part I (Parking, Slope and 3 Point Turn) aspects all over again. Part II (Jalan Raya) will also have to be retaken once again.

But the good news is, you can request the Ketua Pengarah for exemption of the Highway Code. Exemption to the “Pra Ujian” section is also permitted.

C.D.L holders are slightly different category altogether. Upon securing 15 Demerit Points in a 2 years period, C.D.L. holders will receive a 12 months suspension, followed by steps to cancel the license concerned.

Unless you have good reasons as to why your license should not be canceled, it is most likely you are on your way to losing it. Anyway, the Minister Of Transport seems your only resort of appeal.

Anyway, the Urusetia, J.P.J. will then request that you surrender your C.D.L. license either to J.P.J. Headquarters itself or to any J.P.J. office nearby.

Bring your above documents to the above mentioned place where letters of acceptance will be issued to you. Do remember to keep the above documents well as you will need them for further reference with J.P.J. later on.

If you still continue to drive, inspite of your license being bauned, remember that stern action can be taken against you – a RM2000 fine and a 6 month imprisonment is probably your reward.

For more information on the Demerit System, see also the blog post on how your C.D.L. (Competent Drivers’ License) can be suspended.