Besides instructing new students the art of driving, a driving instructor also does a few other things as well.

I have been imparting the knowledge of driving to students for over 41 years now. However, besides driving, people also seek my assistance for a few other things as well.

For instance, there are some who seek my help for renewing road tax and insurance too. And yet, there are those who request my assistance for transferring ownership of vehicles.

For those who may not be aware, the above requires the vehicle mentioned above first of all undergo an inspection exercise by the Puspakom authorities.

Without the inspection certificate B5, no transfer can be done! Many people, including friends and relative approach me to do a few of the abovementioned items such as changing road tax, buying insurance coverage and inspection of vehicles.

There are also those who contact me because they have to secure a duplicate copy of their “P” license or Passed license (CDL) which they have inadvertently lost.

Recently, a neighbor of mine came to seek my help. It appears Mr. Singh, who works for Tenaga Nasional in Klang had a problem.

His daughter, who is currently attending classes at Inti College, recently lost her driving license.

To get Mr. Singh’s daughter her duplicate driving license, I had first of all, to locate a runner friend, Bala, to assist me.

You see, Bala has been in this line for years now and he is rather competent with regards to costs and all the requirements needed to secure a duplicate license.

Basically, a person who has lost his or her driving license cannot drive temporarily.

If however, a person finds that he or she has no alternative but to drive, as a seasoned instructor, I would suggest one way out of this predicament.

A person who has lost his or her driving license, be it a CDL or “P”, a police report has to be made. With a police report, which costs only RM2 a copy, a motorist can this be permitted to drive for the time being.

A police report permits a motorist to drive for a reasonable length of time, say one to two weeks.

This allows you, in the meantime, to attempt getting a duplicate license out.

At times, when you meet with law enforcement officers, such as the police or even the JPJ, some can be rather intimidating.

I would like to advise that a motorist should stand his or her ground proving that he or she knows his or her rights and the prevailing laws as well.

It this happens, I believe you will then probably not be confronted with any problem at all.

For those who have lost their driving license and find there is no necessity to drive for the time being, JPJ rules and regulations does not require a police report to be made.

A person can either engage a driving school instructor or runner to facilitate a duplicate driving license be obtained from any branch office of the JPJ.

What are the things required to get your duplicate license out, you may well ask?

The things you’ll need will be amongst other things are:

i) Your MyKad.

ii) Colour photograph (license size).

iii) A copy of either a TNB or Telekom bill, if you intend to change your latest address.

iv) A RM20 fine will be imposed on all driving license lost.

If however your driving license is about to expire soon, you can very well opt for it to be renewed for a few more years.

This will eliminate the problem of having to renew your license in the near future.

If a person who has lost his or her driving license is quite free or is able to get a day off from work, they are advised to visit one of the many JPJ offices to get the duplicate license out themselves.

Service at the branch offices of JPJ nowadays is rather fast.

You should not encounter any problem at all. I’m sure you’ll be able to get your license out within less than half an hour at the most.