10 Health Conditions That Will Affect Your Driving

Health – An Important Factor If You Wish To Secure A Driving License In Malaysia

Age is not the only factor which determines a person getting a driving license in Malaysia. Yes, you have to be 17 to apply for a driver’s license for cars. And you must at least be 16 years old should you wish to secure a B2 or motorcycle license.

Many do not realize that besides age, there exist various other requirements to enable a person securing a driving license in this country.

To qualify for a license in Malaysia, one has to be in good and sound health. In today’s article, I will attempt to pin-point some of the factors pertaining to health, a potential driver should ideally possess if he so wishes to apply for a driving license.

However, there are no medical examination as such for potential students to undergo. Whatever it is, the license issuing authorities, in this case, the J.P.J. do have a few guidelines for us to follow.

Amongst these guidelines which driving schools, institutes, and potential students and parents should be aware of are:

1) Overall one should ideally be healthy and sound.

In this aspect, one should possess normal limbs, hands and legs. Those possessing any abnormality have to be certified fit to drive by a government clinic or hospital. An orthopedic surgeon should be able to carry out this duty effectively.

For this, you have to secure the necessary forms from the transport department various offices all across the country.

2) Do not suffer from epilepsy.

Those suffering from this ailment known as epilepsy are advised not to take up driving. No medical tests are required. But parents who have children who are affected by the particular malady have a duty to ensure that their children do not take up driving.

Epileptic people, unfortunately are even not advised to partake in activities such as swimming for instance. Driving is an activity deemed as dangerous for patients who are suffering from epilepsy.

In short, it is the duty of parents whose children are suffering from epilepsy to see to it that such patients do not take up driving. The onus is for these parents to ensure that they carry out their duty to society.

3) Ability to hear well is extremely important.

As we are all aware, to a driver, the ability to hear well is very important. To hear vehicles coming from the front, the rear, the sides and so forth is vital. It can cause accidents if a driver is unable to do these functions well.

A person, poor in hearing abilities is therefore advised to secure the proper hearing aids available today in the market if he so wishes to take up driving courses. The hearing aids may be costly, but this alternative is necessary, especially to one who hearing power is extremely poor.

4) Do not suffer from colour blind.

Prior to being allowed to sit for the 50 questions objective test, a candidate has to get through a short colour blind test. Failing to pass this test indicates that you are colour blind.

In such cases, you have to go to the J.P.J. office, where an officer will interview you. You will then be given a letter requesting you to present yourself for a colour blind test.

A simple colour blind test will determine if you can be allowed to drive. The decision to allow you to drive rests with the Road Transport Authorities.

5) Do not be too dependent on drugs.

Some people depend on drugs to the extent that they are considered as drug addicts. Such categories of people are advised not to take up driving as it is dangerous for themselves and other people as well.

6) The ability to plan your journey.

Setting out on a journey, albeit a short one, should first of all be planned. Not planning a journey could easily lead to all sorts of problems.

So, you are encouraged to plan your journey well prior to setting out on one.

7) Ensure as a driver, you are in good health.

A driver who is unwell or sick for that matter will find it difficult to drive. The driver may most probably discover himself getting involved in unwarranted incidents.

Therefore, do not drive if ever you find yourself not in good health.

8) You should possess responsibility.

Drivers should ideally possess responsibility. For example, when a driver is involved in an accident, he should realize that he possesses the responsibility of sending injured people to the hospital for treatment.

On the other hand, a driver should likewise realize it’s his duty to lodge a police report should he or she is involved with an accident.

9) Concentrating a 100% while driving.

A driver should ideally provide a 100% concentration while driving. For example, avoid using a handphone is one advice that should be given to all drivers. Use a hands free set wherever possible.

Avoid driving immediately after consuming medication. Seek a doctor’s advice if you have to.

10) Do not be emotional.

A driver faced with psychological problem should ideally not be allowed to drive as it’s rather easy for those emotionally unstable to be involved in accidents.

This article has expanded a rather lot of time upon the factor which might most probably cause a driver to be involved in accidents. So please ponder carefully over what has been said and see to it that you are not involved in accidents.

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  1. Ok March 30, 2012 at 10:31 pm - Reply

    I have a problem with the slope where I cannot seem to get my car to stop perfectly on the line. I’m taking my test in about a week plus time so I’d like to master it first to pass it in just one try. How exactly do I determine on when to stop my car when I’m reaching the line?

    I’d also like to know how exactly is it considered as tyres are 50% inside the line?

    • Cikgu Yap April 1, 2012 at 9:33 pm - Reply

      You seem to be weak in going up slopes. Learn more before your exam. 50% means only half the entire tyre is on the yellow or white line on the slope. Get a clearer picture from your own instructor.

  2. Jerry April 29, 2012 at 7:32 am - Reply

    I’m colour blind. Not all colours only some colours. I can definitely differentiate the colours of the traffic light but I have problems doing the colour blind test. I heard that I need to get some kind of certificate from a doctor in order to take the exam. I’m not sure with this, can you help me?

    • Cikgu Yap May 2, 2012 at 10:29 pm - Reply

      8/8 is the pasing marks for colour blind test. Failing which, you have to see JPJ for alternatives.

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