How Do You Go About Instructing A New Driver With No Experience Whatsoever How To Drive?

If you are a total newbie in handling a manual car, read these 8 car driving tips for beginners carefully. To teach a young 17 year old student with no experience whatsoever how to drive is indeed a very formidable task to perform. It is like, expecting the driving instructor to do what David Copperfield does, make the Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur disappear.

When I think about the above, which I have to do, it sometimes makes me wonder in amazement, how for over forty years, I was able to carry out this duty to my students.

Today, I will attempt to lay out the best manner to impart this knowledge to someone who wishes to take up driving. Before we continue further, remember that since 1st January 1970, the law stipulates, instructing someone who does not know how to drive is against the law and therefore illegal. You can easily be arrested by the police and the J.P.J. authorities.

Who then has the authority to teach new students in the art of driving?

The answer to this is the driving school or institutes instructor, and no one else.

The instructor, you should remember possesses the certificate to teach. This certificate, in the driving school arena is known as the S.M.2 certificate.

In spite of knowing the above, you may still wish, to say, teach your son or daughter how to drive. Well then, here goes regarding how best to impart the art of driving to your children.

The methods I would suggest to you are:

1) The 10 and 2 position to hold the steering.

Explain to the new driver, the hands are to be placed ideally at 10 and 2 position. The steering, advise the student, should be held firmly and not gripped too tightly.

Remember, in times of emergency, an instructor will have to swerve the steering to avoid collision. A student gripping on to the steering tightly, will prevent the instructor from reacting fast enough when dangerous situations occur.

Therefore, a good instructor should test the steering grip of the student by pushing the steering left to right, ensuring that it can rotate fairly easily.

You will be surprised how a 5 foot girl, when in fear, will hold on to the steering. And believe me, her strength is way much stronger for an adult instructor to handle.

2) Explain how to switch on the ignition key.

Many do not know how to switch on or start an engine. Therefore, the first thing a new student has to be taught is how to start a vehicle. Explain to the student, one has to turn the ignition switch 3 times to the right before a car can start.

Practice this 2 or 3 times. Do it a few times till you are satisfied that your student can actually start a car.

Why is this important?

Because if the car should stall suddenly, you as an instructor will not be able to re-start the car for her. With traffic following behind, the student is the only person who can solve the problem of a car stalling. She has to be able to re-start the engine herself.

You cannot help her as the ignition switch is too far and out of your reach. Hopefully, you get the idea of how vitally important you have to teach your new student how to start a car.

3) Explaining how to manipulate the signals or indicators.

Next, the necessity to explain how to manipulate the signals or the indicators. Show the new student that pushing the indicator left of downwards to the right, indicates the intention to go towards the right direction.

4) Adjusting the driver’s seat.

A new driver should be taught how to adjust the seating position. Show the new driver, using the left hand, that there’s a lever under the driver’s seat which controls the seat forward or backwards. The incline adjuster is located beside the right hip of the driver.

5) How to adjust the handbrake.

Adjusting the handbrake is important. Inform the new driver to install the handbrake, one has to pull up the lever. It’s the releasing of the handbrake that poses some difficulty.

To release the brake, firstly pull up the brakes half an inch, press the release button and leave the handbrake down.

6) The gears of a manual car.

To drive a manual car, one has to learn up where the gears are located. In most cars, there’s a diagram of the gear positions imprinted on the gear knob.

Teach the student the positions of gear 1 to 5 plus the free gear. Also inform the new student, that when wishing to engage any of the gears, you should step on the clutch.

As this is the first lesson, do not bother about the reverse gear. Leave the learning of this difficult gear for another lesson.

7) The horns.

Teach or show a new student where the horn is located. Some are in the centre of the steering stalk, while others are located at the side of the steering wheel.

8) The clutch, the brakes and finally the accelerator.

Explain the various important mechanism of the clutch, the brakes and the accelerator. Explain to the new driver which leg he or she has to use. If necessary, make a new driver learn by heart the positions of the gears.

Not knowing the exact position of each gear will cause difficulty when learning how to drive.

There are other items of a manual car to be learnt. But what I’ve demonstrated to you this far will be sufficient for you to drive a car. Other things and aspects of a car will be demonstrated to you at a later stage.

Hopefully, with the advice I have given will be able to assist you to teach someone you have or care for how to drive.

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