The Malaysian Class “I” Driving License

The Question Of License Class “I” For Mobile Crane Drivers

According to a close friend, who works as a crane operator for a construction company, some cranes are incorporated into the lorry assembly itself.

To drive these latest Japanese crane-cum lorry assembly, obviously you’ll need an:

i) “E” full license.

ii) “H” license (heavy tractor with chains weighing excess 5000 kg).

A few blog readers have written in to ask regarding the type of license required to drive “mobile” crane. They even wish to know what class of license the above belong to.

I have been fortunate to have been able to seek the advice of an ex-official of the Transport Department regarding the above subject.

First and foremost, to operate a mobile crane, one requires a Class “I” license.

The normal requirement such as:

i) Necessity to pass the Highway Code or “undang-undang” supposedly remains.

ii) The necessity to attend the 6 Hours Theory course like the “H” (tractor) license is supposedly waived also.

The Pra Ujian or Qualifying Test conducted at the driving institutes (Q.T.I) should also be waived, by virtue of the fact, no driving institute possesses this machinery (mobile crane).

Next, we arrive at the question regarding, does J.P.J. conduct the Class “I” test?

According to sources, previously, the J.P.J. with the co-operation of the J.K.R. (Jabatan Kerja Raya) or the Public Works Department used to conduct the “I” test.

But according to a friend who works as a crane operator for a construction company, the “I” license is currently conducted by the Builder’s Association in collaboration with the J.P.J. authorities.

Such being the case, anyone who intends to secure a “I” license should ideally get in touch with the above association to secure further information.

Companies like Ho Hup and Y.T.L. both giants in the construction industry, should be of assistance.

I believe smaller construction companies around should also be able to provide the information you need.

With this information provided by this short article, the question of how one gets to secure a Class “I” license will now be put to rest.

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