The Disabled Drivers Or Orang Kurang Upaya (O.K.U)

For test and tuition purposes, the J.P.J. permits only the manual cars to be used. Most driving schools use Kancils. Some use Viva models too.

But for a group known as the disabled drivers or O.K.U., permission is provided for the use of “automatic” cars.

As explained in this blog elsewhere, namely 2 types of automatic cars are used. They are:

1) Ordinary automatic cars

2) Automatic cars which are modified slightly

The second type needs to be sent to the authorities for inspection and permission to be used on the road as vehicles to provide “tuition”.

It could also be used for test purposes too. However, permission and special arrangements have to be made with both J.P.J. and the institutes.

As of 1st of January 1970, only driving instructor qualified (only those holding S.M.2 certificates) are permitted to teach or instruct.

As such, O.K.U. or the disabled drivers are advised to seek their assistance should they intent to take up a driving course.

It should be reminded however, both learners and instructors too, that vehicles to be used should have special markings on them. This is to inform other drivers to be careful and ideally give way to these special drivers.

What type of licenses are the disabled drivers given when they pass their tests?

As far as I know, those learning for the C.D.L. (cars) receive the normal “D” category license. Maybe their license will have some special “comments” and identification on them. To be frank with you, I myself have yet to see an “O.K.U.” license.

As for O.K.U. who takes up the motorcycle (B2) license, then C.D.L. (Competent Driver’s License) is an “A” license.

Some people inquire of us “are there any differences between the O.K.U. drivers and the normal drivers?”

As I personally, in my many years of service as a driving instructor, have taught only 1 or 2 O.K.U. students, to make a decision on it would be rather unfair.

Basically, there should be no difference at all. If you are careful, then obviously you’ll be a good, competent driver.

The O.K.U., being a special group of persons in our society, are given special arrangements for their parking convenience.

If you are observant enough, you’ll see special parking area in especially busy areas like banks, clinics and so forth, designated with “blue colours and a symbol of a wheel car” on them. These if I may inform you are meant only for the O.K.U. people.

Have a heart. Do not encroach onto these areas specially meant for the special group of people or drivers.

As it is, the O.K.U’s are already less fortunate compared to us. Do not make it even worse for them.

As many drivers do “rob” the O.K.U. of limited parking spaces in towns, it is earnestly hoped Majlis Perbandaran officials and the Police will pay special attention to elevate this problem.

With this article, it is hoped, from henceforth, good and “caring” drivers such as yourself will no longer see it fit to park your vehicle in that special “blue” coloured area. I believe you can be good if you want to!

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