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Many readers of this blog, have often written to inquire about the International Driving Permit (IDP). The International Driving Permit is sometimes also known as the International Driving License as well.

If a Malaysian is visiting a foreign country, like England, Australia, New Zealand or America, for only a short period of time, without a doubt, they will be unable to arrange for an I.D.P to be taken out.

What happens if the person concerned feels that he or she has no alternative but to drive in the country he or she is visiting, what happens then?

Many readers would like to know, if in such a situation, can a Malaysian driving license (CDL) be used in that particular country?

For your enlightenment or knowledge, the answer to the above question is an affirmative Yes. A Malaysian can infact drive in a foreign country for a reasonable period of time. A reasonable period of time is usually 120 days.

Although an ordinary Malaysian driving license or CDL or Competent Driving License can be used in most countries, as I have reiterated earlier, nevertheless it is best that Malaysian are advised to secure an International Driver’s License (IDL) before proceeding over to a foreign country concerned.

Another pertinent advice, which I think should be given to all Malaysians is have your driving licenses translated into the language of the country that you are visiting.

The decision to accept Malaysian driving licenses for use in a particular country, for instance England or the United States of America, was concluded under the Geneva Conference of 1949.

Time and again, readers of this blog have posed certain questions such as:-

1. How does one go about securing an International Driver’s License?

2. Can a Malaysian holding a B2 (motorcycles up to 250c.c. capacity), drive such a machine in foreign countries?

Readers are advised to pursue this article carefully in order to enable you to extract whatever information you may need from it.

Securing Malaysian IDP

To apply for the above, all that one needs are:

a. Valid license for Class B2 and D

b. Photocopy of license (both sides)

c. Original and photocopy of IC or identity card (both sides)

d. 2 passport sized photographs

e. Fill in Form JPJ L1

f. Payment of RM 150 per year

Those who intend to get an International driver’s License or I.D.P, please go to any JPJ offices around the entire country. Submit your application form there. You are advised to surrender your domestic license to the JPJ.

Malaysian laws disallow you to hold 2 types of licenses at the same time. If you no longer need or require the use of the I.D.P later on, you may then go to the JPJ offices to get back your Domestic license. The Renewal fee for the I.D.P is a whopping RM150 per year. Compare this to the normal license fee which is only RM 30 per year.

Well, maybe the difference will set you thinking twice before you apply for the International Driver’s License (I.D.P).

Renewing Malaysian IDP

I. Renewal of I.D.P can only be done in Malaysia only

II. You are to provide 2 passport sized photos

III. You have to present your I.D.P for renewal

IV. You have to fill in Form JPJ L1

V. Attach RM150 renewal fee

Still on the subject of International Driver’s permit or I.D.P, a reader of this blog posed a query to this blog recently. He inquired, Does the I.D.P provide details regarding motorcycles license which an applicant possesses.

I am of the opinion that I.D.P will state what classes of motorcycles an I.D.P owner is allowed to ride or handle. For example, if you are in possession of a B2 Class motorcycle (up to 250c.c. only), you will be then certified as being entitled to ride a motorcycle of that particular class only.

For readers who ask and would like to know if they can ride super bikes or machines that are over 1000 c.c. and above while they are overseas, the answer to the above question is unfortunately an emphatic No.

That’s all the important facts I can provide regarding the International Driver’s Permit which is issued by the Road Transport Department of Malaysia.

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