What makes a candidate appearing for his or her Class D (car license) Fail? So all those who aspire to Pass, should read this article very carefully.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to achieve your aim of passing and finally securing a Class D license.

In a practical test, there are about 9 – 10 things known as a “cardinal sins” or things that can bring about “instant” failure to you. As an internal institute’s examiner, conducting the Q.T.I. or Pra Ujian, prior to your being tested by the J.P.J. authorities, for the very first time, I am divulging to you candidates, what these things are.

These are however based upon my own personal opinions. Other instructors may or may not concur with me on this. The choice is theirs entirely.

1) Obey the traffic lights.

Beating the traffic light will cause you to fail. So, do not ever do this during the practical test.

2) Do not attempt overtaking a bus that has stopped.

During a test, do not attempt to overtake a bus which has stopped. Unfortunately, many instructors fail to advice their students regarding this. Potential test candidates have often had their tests aborted for doing this.

3) Give way to pedestrians.

Failure to accord “right of way” to pedestrians during a test is certainly something unforgiveable, which means an immediate failure.

4) Steering wavering (unsteady).

The inability to control the steering well, will inevitably cause you to Fail. Therefore, you are advised to take enough lessons to ensure that you can handle the steering properly.

5) Overtaking at single or double line.

Absolute no overtaking should ever be done on such lines above. It will mean a failure to you. So, be patient. Remember, once again, no overtaking!

6) Forgetting to wear the seat belts.

Failure to wear seat belts is a definite failure. You will lose 5 marks. As 16 is the minimum amount of marks required to pass the road test, a 5 marks deduction will automatically bring you into the failure zone.

7) Engine dying off constantly.

A candidate who drives with an engine dying off too often, indicates his inability to control a vehicle. This not only irritates the tester, but it also gives the tester a poor impression of your ability to drive well.

In tests, a candidate should ideally prove his confidence to be able to drive well.

8) Stopping at junctions.

You should be able to stop at a junction correctly. First, stop approximately 2 meters behind the stop line. Do you stop at the left lane, the right lane or the centre?

Brush up your ability to stop well and correctly at a junction. This may very well be the gateway to securing your “P” license after all.

9) Using only one hand while driving.

This is one of the things that must never be done. Not only is it dangerous, it goes to show your arrogance as a driver. Doing this will definitely get you a failure that you very well deserve.

10) Do not come out of a junction if there are traffic from either sides.

To proceed out from a junction, with traffic approaching from either side, is not only dangerous, it tantamounts a driver being not careful and courting danger, thereby, inviting accidents.

This will be an instantaneous failure to you. Even, if there is traffic approaching from one side only, do not move forward! Some testers are very particular about this. They will not hesitate to fail you.

As much as I wish to assist you to get your driving license, there are certain rules and regulations, I have to abide with. Certain words and terms are therefore eliminated from being used. It is agreed, by doing this, the article has this become less effective.

For this, I wish to extend to all my readers, my sincere apologies. As the saying goes, “My hands are tied”.

Although I’ve had to call a spade, an agricultural tool at times, it is urnestly hoped, the message however, has been able to get across, nevertheless.

Best of luck and may you be successful.

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