Step By Step Procedures For An O.K.U. On How To Go About Taking A Driving Course

Are you an O.K.U. (Orang Kurang Upaya) person? I am not a medical doctor. Just an ordinary lay man.

Are you a normal and ordinary person? Are you unable to walk, to use your arms and legs? Do you need crutches to move about?

In some cases, unfortunately, there are some who cannot use their legs but their arms are perfectly alright. There exists O.K.U. who are former polio victims.

The above is a general description of an O.K.U. If the description of an O.K.U. is wrong, I sincerely apologise for my error. My intention to write this article, is just to disseminate, the vast experience on driving instruction to assist the O.K.U. get a license, to drive a car.

If you think you are an O.K.U. or a disabled person and if you wish to achieve a driving license, just like any normal person, what then should you do?

What are the steps you have to go through?

In this short article, an attempt will be made to explain the procedures or steps you will have to take towards making your dream a reality.

The following are 3 steps required for a disabled person to take a driving license

Step 1

Go to the nearest J.P.J. office, say in Kampung Jawa, Klang or even in Petaling Jaya. Fill up the required form.

After completing the necessary form, next you will have to go to a government hospital, to the orthopedic department. You will then be checked thoroughly.

You will be given a medical report confirming your status as an O.K.U. person.

This qualifies you to learn driving in an automatic car. Remember, only an O.K.U. is allowed to learn and test in an automatic car.

If for instance, you are not a disabled person, but you suffer from some medical problem. Should you suffer from a spinal problem making it difficult to sit in a small Kancil car. And because of this you have to use a larger car.

Get an orthopedic surgeon to certify your condition.

With the above document, you can then go to the J.P.J. authorities to seek permission to use your own family car to learn in and also test with the above car.

Of course, you have to remember regarding the necessary “insurance coverage” that’s required.

Step 2

The second step is essentially the driving instructor’s duty. Find a good and qualified instructor either from a driving school or institute.
He will have to apply for permission to tutor you. Only when the necessary permission has been given by the Road Transport Department, can you begin your driving lessons.

Remember though, you’ll need a special automatic vehicle to learn in. Hunt around for an institute which may or may not have such a vehicle.

If you are unable to locate such a vehicle, what then should you do?

You will then have to :

i) Purchase your own auto car.

ii) Borrow an auto car. A letter of consent is required for this purpose.

Of course, all necessary insurance coverage is needed again.

When the above requirements have been met, the driving instructor meanwhile upon receiving the necessary J.P.J.’s documents will then contact you for your driving lessons to begin.

The above will all take some time to process. Be patient!

OK! Having done Step 1 and 2, what next is the following action of the O.K.U.?

Step 3

If suppose you have not got your L.D.L. (Learner’s Driver’s License) yet, then proceed quickly to:

i) Attend the 5 hour K.P.P. (Kursus Pendidikan Pemandu) course.

ii) Sit for the Highway Code (Undang-undang).

iii) Attend the 6 Hour Theory course and eventually your “L” license will be issued to you.

Explaining all the various steps that you ought to do as an O.K.U. has not being easy. But for the sake of special people like you, it’s all being worthwhile.

I sincerely pray you’ll eventually be successful in your attempt to get your driving license!

Don’t forget though. Wave to me if you do meet me on the road!

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