Buses and taxis are examples of public service vehicles. To use them, the public have to pay fares. Buses are considered non personalized public vehicles. On the other hand, taxis are known as personalized public service vehicles.

If you intend to drive a taxis or a bus, you should first have:

i) Class D driving license for cars to drive a taxi.

ii) Class E driving license to drive a bus ferrying 44 passengers.

Drivers holding the “L” or “P” licenses are not allowed to take up a Public Service License (P.S.V.). Non citizens are also disallowed to apply for a P.S.V. license.

A driver should at least be 21 years before he is permitted to seek a P.S.V. license. Besides this, a no nonsense person should also be of sound health and body. He should also be free of any form of physical deformities as this will affect the safety of the passengers.

A person who wishes to secure a license to drive a public service vehicle must first get an application form either from the J.P.J. authorities or a driving school operator. Driving institutes obviously will also be able to supply you with one.

Registered clinics can medically check you. The cost of a brief medical check-up costs anything from RM30 – RM50. Do get a receipt for payment made. The receipt is to verify that the doctor who checked you medically is a registered doctor.

Having completed your medical examination, what does a person intending to secure a P.S.V. license have to do next?

The next step is actually to register for a 2 or 3 days’ course. This course is only conducted by driving institutes.

Normally, P.S.V. courses are conducted weekly or maybe twice a month. It is best you find out from a driving school operator.

The course ends with a 50 questions objective test conducted by J.P.J. officials at the driving institute’s premises.

Another thing you should be informed of is, ensure that the institutes at which you are attending the course at has a taxi ob bus available. Candidates will be asked to under certain driving tests to find out your ability to drive. You must show your driving ability and get rid of any feelings of panic away during your test.

As a driver who possesses a D or E class license, you should not have any difficulty handling the above said vehicles at all.

To pass the 50 questions objective test conducted at the end of the course, you will need 42 marks. Assuming that you also passed the practical test, then you would have passed the entire exam.

You will now qualify to be given the P.S.V. license you have set out for. Your driving instructor would be the best person to assist you getting your P.S.V. license.

What do you supply you instructor with to secure your P.S.V. license?

Supply him with:

i) 2 copies photocopied of your driving license.

ii) 1 copy of your MyKad (both sides).

iii) RM20 for your P.S.V. license.

iv) Service fee to do your license which can amount to RM5 – RM7.

v) The results of your objective test.

Within a week’s time, your instructor would most certainly be able to get your P.S.V. license ready for you.

Well, that’s about all on how to secure a P.S.V. license either for a bus or a taxi. Should you possess any difficulty, contact and discuss it with your instructor. Or if you wish, you could contact me for further advice.